Achieve Promtastic HAIR with hairdo

Just in time for April proms, I have to let you in on a little promtastic hair secret. I am living for hairdo Salon Clip-In Hair Extensions ($88) from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves. They come in several lengths from 10″ to 23″ and also in two textures, wavy and straight. Yours truly has been rocking the 23″ wavy in the privacy of my own home for now… but I’m TOTES packing it up when I go to the Bahamas in June when I’ll be a bridesmaid in my friend Amber’s wedding. I’m hoping my stylist there can somehow incorporate them into my ‘do. They approach the city limits of Cheesyville for everyday wear, but for special nights out, weddings, PROMS, and the like, they’re simplement parfaits. They add luscious length and/or volume to your own hair and are virtually undetectable because you clip it in under your regular hair.

The hairdo Clip-In Hair Kit Includes
*A hair extension in the length/texture of your choice – it consists of one multi-level, contoured piece that creates an easy, fashionable style without the hassle of working with several individual wefts. Contouring fits the shape of the head so that the wearer’s hair can be pinned up underneath the piece. Seven pressure-sensitive clips around the perimeter ensure a secure and comfortable fit. I’ve tried it out and it’s definitely comfortable. Each color is made up of 12 differing hair shades for a very natural look.
* 2 “duck-bill” hair clips – for use in attaching the extension
* Illustrated Styling Guide – takes you step-by-step through the attachment process for goof-proof results

16 Multi-tonal Color Choices:
Swedish Blonde
Golden Wheat
Dark Auburn
Dark Chocolate
Midnight Brown
Chocolate Copper
Dark Copper
Honey Ginger
Glazed Strawberry
Golden Walnut
Ginger Brown
Ginger Blonde
Buttered Toast
Sandy Blonde

Now, I do wish there were a few more color choices. I found one that’s close (Ginger Blonde), but not quite the right color. For $88 though, it’s a pretty decent selection.

Have you tried hairdo? What did you think?

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