Fashion That Does Beauty Duty

Beauty isn’t limited to gels, powders and cremes, dolls. Two of my latest beauty faves are of the fashion realm. Check it:

MBT Amali
I know I talk about MBTs more than Isaac Mizrahi talks about his dog Harry (Harry IS adorable.) These sneakers, while hideously ugly, really do work to tone your legs and butt and help get rid of cellulite. The trick is that you need to wear them for at least an hour a day. I was wearing the grey sport sneakers to and from work and while they look fine at the gym, on my commute, I realized I needed to kick up the chic a notch. I had convinced myself that I didn’t care about wearing totally obv sneakers with a work outfit (I draw the line at dresses/skirts, however) but the fact is that I do care. I care deeply. Much like how CC Bloom feels things deeply. I’ve since switched to the MBT Amalis which, while still pretty geeky-looking, are far more subtle. So much so that on occasion, on a hungover Friday or two, I’ll patter around the office in them ALL DAY if I’m wearing some wide-legged black pants. At first glance, they simply look like black leather serviceable shoes. No one has to know that they’re doing my ass the best service of all. I HIGHLY recommend these for anyone with a non-desk job who can get away with shoes that aren’t treading the cutting edge of fashion. $260 at Bur-Mar Shoes – they’re usually $274. P.S. I’ve had my grey sneakers since July 06 and they’re still in great shape. It’s a lot of money to spend on shoes, but they do last YEARS.

Spanx Bod-A-Bing Skirt ($68)
I have it in chocolate and when I wear it, it makes me feel Elvira-Hancock-from-Scarface slim. Okay, maybe not quite that slim. Girl had a nasty coke habit. But as close to that thin as a SKIRT could make me. You know? Very “she’s a lady tiger” while still appropriate for work. The secret is its built-in, hidden liner that smooths and shapes the entire figure, minimizing bulges and blemishes in the tummy, rear and thighs. The outer fabric is a fine jersey knit that drapes perfectly over the liner making it a supercute pencil skirt. I lurve it with a cream top.

P.S. Just an aside: I’m beyond into Scarface. I used to have goldfish named Lady Tiger and Bubblehead, after Tony Montana’s epithets for Elvira. My friend Leah is PHENOM at recreating Elvira’s dance at the Babylon Club (“Hancock? Is that a bird?”) where she first meets Tony Montana.

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  1. CindyM

    Glad I came across this post. I was reading about MBTs in a magazine the other day and wondering if they were worth it. I find them beyond ugly but if I’m just wearing them to go for a walk or running errands close to home then I think I could handle it. 🙂 Glad to hear you had some good results with them–I think I’ll have to take a closer look at them–er–or maybe not and just buy them. 🙂


    thank you! I wear mine all day going to and from class, apparently the hardest thing to do with them (and the best thing to do) is stand…that is when I really feel it! Next I’m off to get the sport highs.

  3. Fabulista

    Hi Megan!

    I definitely think it HELPS. Does it rid you entirely of a HUGE amount of cellulite? Probably not. I definitely noticed a difference when I started wearing them for an hour a day, though.



    I have my mbt’s on right now! I am trying sooo hard to wear them as much as I can because I really want to get rid of whatever cellulite I can before my summer trip to the Bahamas. Quick question (for reference I have the sport low), do you really think they help get rid of cellulite? I can definitely tell it works better than normal shoes, and sometimes I feel that it is working my legs especially when I try not to use my heel too much…maybe I should upgrade to the sport high.


  5. Rachel

    i just saw a new style of MBT’s that are more shoe-like (mary-jane-ish if you can picture such a thing? they had ’em at orva on 86th between 3rd and lex) and kinda cute! check it!

  6. Tyra

    Let me just say I sit in my cubicle at work cracking up over your posts!

    Have you heard of the Fit Flops I found a pair at and for like $50 are they as good as the sneaks?

  7. kara

    she is so beyond fiercely hot in that movie! omg, who doesn’t want to be her (minus the coke habit)?! when she first appears in the movie and she has on that long slinky dress and her skin is SO super white and her lips are so RED, omg she is HOT!!! and i also laughed out loud when i read you had fish named after her nicknames!!!!
    ps: thank you so much for linking my page!!!!!


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