DIYDS Manicure Must Haves

As previously mentioned, every three weeks or so, I give myself a manicure. I call it a DIYDS Manicure, or a Do It Your Damn Self manicure. I find the task infinitely less budget and infinitely more indulgent when I use the following nail products:

Orly Bonder ($5)
This basecoat is rubberized to grip polish to the nail surface for adhesion that lasts – for me, it’s lasted an entire week with minimal chipping. Orly boasts that it will prevent peeling, chipping or wearing off for up to two weeks and I’ve found that if you’re using a NEW quality polish, that’s true. If you’re using one that’s more than 6 months-a year old (and you shouldn’t keep polishes more than 2 years at the MOST), it’ll last a week and a half to two weeks. Either way, its bonding capabilities are impressive. Your mani will last much longer if you use…

Orly Won’t Chip ($5)
This glosstrous top coat forms a tough polymer shield that gives manicures protection and shine. This stuff, if applied over a mani every three to four days will add days to it. You have to be diligent with your reapplication, though. Once is not enough to achieve a two-week mani. I’ve even found that it looks BETTER when you glop on the Won’t Chip – just make sure you have ample time to let it dry before doing anything with your hands. It produces an faboo mirror-like shine. At brunch with my fab friend Stacey today, she was profuse with the mani compliments and was much surprised when I told her it was a DIYDS. Okay?

I’m very impressed with Orly’s products. Each polish comes with an ergonomic rubber lid that makes for easier application AND I also love their removers. I’ve removed a seriously bad black polish job and was left with no in-the-cuticle residue. A remover that fab deserves a PARADE in my profesh O.

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  1. Fabulista

    Hi Glossy! Thanks so much for your comment! I adore your blog, as well. I die laughing every time I read your profile saying that you were born inexplicably wearing lashes and lipstick. LURVE.


  2. Glossy

    I bought the Won’t Chip based on your recommendation, and I LOVE it!! I’m wearing it on my toes over Essie Bungle Jungle (my favorite shade right now) and it has stayed shiny and chip-free for days on end!

    Love your blog 🙂


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