LOST Analysis: Michael Rowed the Boat Ashore

What a finale! I can’t WAIT for the show to resume on April 24, despite how much I loathe the 10pm time slot. I’m pressed for time this week, so I may expand later. But for the meantime, I’ve discussed a few bullet points:

*The Shining is referenced, and not for no reason. The movie is also the story about a man with a son who has telepathic abilities. Much like those of Walt.

*Mama Cass Elliot: The song playing in the car when Michael tries to kill himself is “It’s Getting Better” by Mama Cass Elliot, who also recorded “Make Your Own Kind of Music,” the song played by Desmond while he’s in the hatch.

*When Libby appears in Michael’s vision she is carrying blankets, just as she did when he shot her.

Michael trades Jin’s Rolex watch for a handgun with which to kill himself. On the island, Jin tried to kill Michael over the same watch

*Ben calls Michael “one of the good guys,” an oft-uttered phrase on LOST.

*Tom, as previously implied in “A Tale of Two Cities” (“You’re not really my type, Kate”) is gay. The whole Arturo “indulge when I’m on the mainland” scene was totally hilar. I think Tom is my fave Other.

*Tom tells Michael he has “work to do.” Walt told Locke he had “work to do.”

*The bomb Michael is given has a button labeled “EXECUTE”, much like the computer in the Swan. That makes me feel like the interconnectedness of the show could be that this is the hallucination of one person, kind of like that movie Identity. There are so many things backing the fact that this is all in Hurley’s mind while he’s at the mental insitution that I keep coming back to it.

What do you think?

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