LOST Analysis: Raised by Another?

Kate’s looking pretty glam, n’est-ce pas?

Why on earth was this episode titled Eggtown? When I googled it and wikipedia’d it, all that came up were LOST references. So that obvs gets me nowhere.
I TOTALLY called that Aaron was the “son” Kate was referring to. And now, we finally know who “he’ll be wondering where I am” refers to. The question is, was Claire not able to leave the island? Or did she die? I can’t figure out whether Jack is all weird about seeing him because he feels guilty about not “saving/fixing” Claire or is it just the fact that he found out that Aaron is related to him? And remember Claire’s psychic’s prophecy that Aaron would grow to be “bad” if he weren’t raised by Claire, who’s “good?” Kate has been most decidedly thrown into the “bad” category, although she most of the time she resides in the grey area between the two. This is most often symbolized with her volleying between loving Sawyer (who represents the “bad guys”) and loving Jack (who represents the “good guys”).

Kate’s flash forward, much like those of the rest of the Oceanic Six, represents a personal hell for her. Here’s why. Her mother is in a wheelchair and on oxygen, and is essentially knocking on death’s door. Though Kate is still demonstrably upset with her mother for calling the cops on her, this is still deeply upsetting to her. We’ve seen how non-maternal she is when Claire asks her to hold Aaron and she pretty much refuses. When she winds up playing mommy to Aaron, it’s intensely ironic. I think she’s grown to love and care for him, but this is clearly not an ideal situation for her. AND, Kate’s MO is that she is a nomad who can be tied to no one and no place. For her to have to settle to stay in-state raising Aaron (obviously preferable to being in jail, but still) is the ULTIMATE hell on earth scenario for Kate. Also interesting: remember the title of the 10th ep in the 1st season, “Raised by Another?” Just saying.

OR is this really Sawyer’s kid? Could it be an entirely different child? Perhaps Kate was lying to Sawyer to test out how he felt about her being pregnant (it’s been confirmed that women on the island are ridic fertile). The child does look remarkably like him. He also looks just the way you’d think Aaron would grow to look. LOST, you’re KILLING me. Anywho, that would explain Jack’s saltiness about the whole situation. And it takes into account Desmond’s prophecy that Claire and Aaron make it off the island together. If she got pregnant on-island, the reason this child looks about 3-4 years old is because time moves more quickly off the island than on. That’s the reason Walt “returned” looking like he’d aged 3 years.

The original 8 to whom Jack referred in his false testimony must be the Oceanic Six plus Walt and Michael. They must be included JIC they show up.

This was the second time that Patsy Cline song, “She’s Got You” was played during a Kate episode. It was also played during “What Kate Did” in the diner where her mother worked. I’m going to have to investigate the significance of Patsy Cline in Kate’s lifestyle. V. interesting.

What kind of sum is 3.2 million dollars? Other than it’s a transposed 23 with a decimal point, one of numbers.

Interesting trivia:
Shawn Doyle (did you recognize him as Bill’s brother on Big Love?) previously worked with Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Juliette, in the film Frequency. The film involved time travel where Doyle’s character, a serial killer named Jack Shepard, is prevented from killing Mitchell’s character. If that isn’t cra, I don’t know what is.

VALIS: the book that Locke gives to Ben is this novel by Philip K. Dick. VALIS is an acronym for Vast Active Living Intelligence System, which is the author’s gnostic vision of one aspect of God. Dick’s novels often feature protagonists immersed in dissolving or fluctuating realities.
* Notably Dick throughout his life claimed to see ghosts of his twin sister who died five weeks after birth, i.e. “The Bad Twin”
* The edition of VALIS shown in the episode was published by Vintage in 1991.
* VALIS is about the search for God, who turns out to be a mental virus projected into our minds by an orbiting mechanical intelligence in order to manipulate humans. The “Messiah” in VALIS is a two-year old girl named Sophia. Read more about VALIS on Lostpedia.org.

Not important but funny:
I love how no one knocks or waits to be invited in in Locke’s new dictatorship located at Otherville. It’s very college dorm. Obv, these people are very comfortable with each other, but it’s hilar to me how no one has re-captured their sense of social norms once they went back to living as “civilians.”

Just a sample of the outstanding Q’s:
WHERE is Minkowski? What is he DOING all the time that he can’t come to the freaking phone? Is Daniel an idiot savant? Who can’t remember 3 cards? And the real question: Has Jack ever looked cuter in a world than he does when he’s on the stand at Kate’s trial in a suit?

This show is brill. I think I need to go to grad school for LOST. Done.

Photo credit: Lostpedia.org

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