Find Bliss Mandarin and Mint at Sheraton Hotels & Resorts!

Just another reason to vaca. Sheraton properties throughout North America are rolling out new bath amenities, through an exclusive partnership with Bliss®, and serving up Starbucks® products, both coffee and Tazo® teas. The guest room refresh is one component of a larger effort to revitalize the guest experience at Sheraton’s 408 hotels across 75 countries, and is currently rolling out nationwide.

“Shine by bliss,” a bath amenities line created exclusively for Sheraton, features fresh Mandarin and mint-scented shampoo, conditioner, soap and body lotion and is offered in Sheraton’s standard guest rooms. A refreshing shower gel and an exclusive body sponge will also be offered in upgraded rooms for Starwood Preferred Guests (Jammahs, are you reading?), in Sheraton Club rooms, at Sheraton Resorts and to VIP/Suite guests. Bliss thermal shaving cream from Bliss’ new ‘Homme’ Improvement line will also be provided to Club and VIP/Suite guests.

I can’t wait to hit up a Sheraton and try out this mandarin and mint biz! It sounds divine.

Buy Bliss here.

21 Comments Find Bliss Mandarin and Mint at Sheraton Hotels & Resorts!

  1. deborah

    I stayed at a Sheraton in Denver and NEVER did my hair look and feel so wonderful as when I used the mandarin mint shampoo. i could find it only on ebay in trial size bottles. Too high of a price for me. Was doing research on good stuff for hair. I put some unflavored Knox gelatin powder in with my Biolage shampoo and my hair looks and feels like it did with the Bliss from the Sheraton. Had some Bliss left and it “wiggled” like jelly. Hmmm could gelatin be a hair beauty secret?

  2. Sheila

    I NEED to find the Madarin and Mint Bliss body lotion. I recently stayed at the Sheraton Hotel in Columbia, SC and they had this lotion in the room. I LOVE IT! Unfortunately I can’t seem to find it online or at any of the finer stores, even Sophora. Does anyone know where I can find it?

  3. jane

    I also enjoyed the Bliss products at the Sheraton and have never before shopped for a product after using it in a hotel. I am hoping the person who thinks the product will be available to the public is right!

  4. x-acto

    my husband and i just stayed in a Sheraton in Vermont, and this is the first time I have ever starting searching the web for a shampoo I tried at a hotel! I loved the scent and how it made my hair feel, and usually I am not a fan of hotel shampoos. I can’t believe that this first time, its exclusive to the hotel chain!

  5. Nessa

    I stay at the Sheraton in Dallas every summer for a convention. I fell in love with the Mandarin and Mint lotion and looked for it online for the longest time. Come to find out the only way to get it is at the hotel or on ebay. I scooped up about 7 bottles this past summer and am hoping it will last me til next year.

  6. Anonymous

    Actually Bliss in the process of creating this line for retail sale as per customer service and it should be available over the next few months. Great stuff, I love it!!

  7. Anonymous

    I tried the shampoo and conditioner and it was great! Unfortunately, Mandarin & Mint is only available exclusively when you stay at the Sheraton.

  8. Anonymous

    I stayed at the Sheraton in Pittsburgh, and discovered Shine by Bliss products.WOW. They are the best and I can’t believe I’m searching the net to find where to buy.

  9. Anonymous

    Stayed in Sheraton for 2 nights when I was in New York in Oct08. Really loved Bliss’s mandarin and mint collection, used up every single bit of it. The body lotion gets absorbed very quickly without leaving any greasy feel. The cold,dry weather in Oct08 makes my hair makes my hair dry and untamed. Just a small amount of conditioner makes my long hair soft and silky. Really hope Bliss will make this mandarin and mint collection available on the market quickly!!!

  10. Anonymous

    More on Bliss Shine:
    My son’s fine red hair had turned coarse over the Summer months from Swim team and beach. He complained about it and asked if his hair was ever going to feel soft again. I used a quarter size of the shampoo and a dime size of the conditioning rinse and he has his baby hair back (sans the flyaways babies usually get). He’s 10 and I told him this was a one time deal cause the rest of it is for mommy’s hair!

  11. Tiggerish

    I fell in love too, and even emailed Bliss, but no answer. Checked in with every store that carries them….So annoying to have us fall in love with something, and not sell it to us. Used to be that the samples were given to get you hooked on a product, a marketing tool!

  12. Anonymous

    Me and my husband stayed a night and fell in love with the Bliss products! I want to buy a case of the Mandarin & Mint body lotion but can’t seem to find it….does anyone know where I can purchase these? If not, I have no other choice but to book a room just for the lotion….well, it’s worth it I suppose. 😀

  13. shay

    the mandarin and mint moisturizer/shower gel is AMAZING!!!
    it’s so good i’m looking EVERYWHERE on the net to find it cus i finished the travel sizes ones i got at the hotel.
    ahhh soooo good!!

  14. Jammahs

    Wow, a loofah/bath sponge during the week..what a novel concept! A few less products to put into my zip lock bag.

    Bliss has already partnered with W Hotels, so excited to hear that they are expanding onto other Starwood properties.

    Thanks for the update, Fabulista. And, for posting about travel size goods…Road Warrior girls are a bit product challenged.


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