Kiehl’s Partners with New York Adorned to Create V Day Gift Set

Kiehl’s has partnered with a New York tattoo shop for Valentine’s Day. Their online and in-store customers will receive Kiehl’s temporary tattoos. Kiehl’s in-store customers can also customize their own lip gloss trios!

Kiehl’s has enlisted New York Adorned, the collective tattoo shop and jewelry store that’s right down the street from their New York flagship (Fabulista ADORES this Kiehl’s store… great samples, too), to design tattoo-inspired window and in-store displays to introduce Valentine’s Day and their new products. These images have been made into temporary tattoos, which will be passed out with every purchase for our customers to enjoy. The tattoos will also be included in every purchase on

Kiehl’s will be offering Lip Trios, which can be purchased in two different ways: will be offering three different assortments of Kiehl’s Lip Glosses in a gift set adorned with the Kiehl’s tattoo art. Customers can choose from an assortment featuring our two new shades, French Rose and Downtown Peach, along with classic Clearly Kiehl’s, a Warm assortment (Downtown Peach, Pear Tree, Berry 1851) or a Cool assortment (French Rose, Pink Rider, Icy Everest). Each trio is $43.50.

Kiehl’s stores are offering customizable lip trios. Each pack can be customized in-store with your chosen assortment of Kiehl’s Lip Gloss, Kiehl’s Lip Balm or Tinted Lip Balm (a Fabulista favorite).


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  1. Anonymous

    Ok, Fabulista, I need specific advice! 🙂
    I’m a relatively new reader, and have always liked to keep my make up simple. I’m not in NY, but want to look with it, without always looking over done.
    I love your reviews of various products. But I’m looking for the basics. What would your advice be to someone who needs to keep it simple: one or two liners, shadows, etc. What are the must haves? Very fair skin, dark hair, blue eyes.
    cheek product?
    liners? a gel liner?
    lip – what 2 products are must haves?

    Is it even possible for you to limit your selection down? I am just realizing I’ve been wearing the same things… time to start over, and can’t just get a million things at once. Easy to use, long lasting (apply once per day), and attractive. I realized I’ve been using pencil liner forever, and I need something better!!
    Please help me!

    Thank you,
    Beauty wannabe


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