Welcome, WWD Readers!

WWD has named Beauty Blogging Junkie as one of “today’s hottest beauty blogs.” To say I’m kind of elated is to say that Prince kind of likes purple. Thanks to Michelle Edgar of WWD, thanks to Julia for the scan, and most of all… thanks to all of you for reading BBJ!

Congratulations to all the fab bloggers who made the list…All About the Pretty, Beauty Addict, Beauty Snob, BellaSugar, Blogdorf Goodman, Makeup and Beauty Blog, Makeup Bag, Shake Your Beauty, and Temptalia.

Read the complete article here.

I’m having the. best. day. ever. And tonight, I’m heading to the Ted Gibson Salon for a haircut with Michael. I’m obv going to have to celebrate post-‘do.

10 Comments Welcome, WWD Readers!

  1. Fabulista

    Carrie –

    Thanks! PS did you see who DID have the best week ever? RICKIE from Proj Runway!

    Lauren –
    Thanks, doll. Sorry you had such an f’d up weekend from a medical standpoint. Here’s to hoping this week is MUCH better.

    Mandy girl –
    Thanks! I will totes accept the title of your American Idol 🙂


  2. Anonymous

    YOu are totes my idol. And by that I mean American Idol. And by that I mean American. All American!!! Your blog is the best. I am gorgeous, and it’s all because of you.

  3. Carrie

    I can’t wait to see who’s having the best week ever on VH1 tonight…even though I already know it’s YOU! Congrats, A – look forward to seeing the new ‘do tonight.

  4. Parisjasmal

    Congrats again!!

    The bottles are naughty and not my cup of tea, and my fam is from Media, PA. Not much happenin’ in Media!

    And every time I see the Katz’s pic of think of a certian JSFAM!



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