CoverGirl and ANTM Announce Saleisha’s Debut at Tibi’s Fashion Show!

CoverGirl and America’s Next Top Model have chosen Tibi’s fashion show as Cycle 9 winner, Saleisha’s, grand debut on the NY Bryant Park runways. The stunning 21 year old beauty from LA will be flying in to film her “My Life As A Covergirl” commercial at Tibi’s new 8,000 square foot loft offices in SoHo prior to the catwalk. This 60 second behind-the-scenes look at Saleisha’s budding career, along with her first ever NY runway appearance, will be airing repeatedly in the final episodes of Cycle 10. Tibi designer Amy Smilivic’s inspiration for the Fall 08 collection is 70’s bohemian chic. “Saleisha is the epitomy of what we’re trying to embody for this collection. She has a gorgeous innocence that, paired with our flowy, feminine and flirty styles, will translate well into the era we’re trying to emanate”.

I will be covering this show backstage for I can’t WAIT to see Saleisha!

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