Things and a Beauty Tip

I can only communicate via bullets today…

*EVERYTHING is annoying me today. For instance, I have two military wool coats that are gorge… but BOTH have officially been diagnosed with button leprosy. I’ve replaced at least 3 buttons on both coats respectively. For serious? Has anyone else experienced this problem? I can’t sew anymore buttons, for the love.

*I need to find some other vocation that doesn’t so closely resemble Dante’s 8th circle of hell.

*My roommate and I are trying to move into a larger apartment in our current building with WAY better storage space. This is now a necessity as my product situation has truly gotten out of hand. Wish us luck!

*My MLK weekend plans had consisted of spending time at my parents’ house in Blue Bell, seeing Cloverfield, eating at the Melting Pot (DIVINE), and watching copious amounts of Alias season 4. But, I just got a freelance project to work on, which is fantastic, but also means I’m going to have to figure out some coffee house with free wifi at which to spend the 8-15 hours I project this project is going to take. And it needs to be finished by Sunday night, not Monday, which is stressing me out.

*Last night I ate at ViceVersa, an Italian restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, which was pretty good, although not as sublime as Marseille was. Afterward, I saw Come Back, Little Sheba which was excellent! It’s in previews right now and opens for real in a couple of weeks. I highly recommend it.

Lastly, a beauty tip to be filed under Maybe You Already Know This, But If You Don’t, Adopt It: apply concealer AFTER foundation. If you apply it before, it gets blended away and isn’t concentrated on the areas that require extra camouflaging. I put my concealer on as my absolute last step. I even do eye concept first, then foundation, then blush/bronzer cream stick and THEN concealer.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Kara

    oh and of course yes, i am now also dying to see the sequel to Cloverfield! it was soooo good i am totally going to see it again before it leaves theatres because it’s such a theatre movie, watching it at home on dvd just wouldn’t be half as good. can you BELIEVE Janice Ian lost THAT MUCH weight? as soon as the movie started i was like “who is that girl…i know i KNOW her!” and i have a preternatural ability to identify any celeb at any age in any movie or photo and so finally it came to me! what i want to know is how the hell do they all lose so much weight and can i please be put in touch with their voodoo doctor/trainer/magician?!

  2. Kara

    omg i am so also DYING to see that 21 movie! (why is it that every single comment i write on your site starts with “OMG!”) doesn’t Kate Bosworth look SO HOT in the previews?! and it really does look soooooo good, i have even watched the preview for it on my Digital Cable In Demand thing about 3 times in anticipation!!!

  3. Fabulista

    Hi Kara!

    OMG, I cannot BELIEVE I couldn’t place Marlena as THE Janice IAN! You’re so right. That girl dropped a TON of weight. I’m glad you loved the movie as well! BT dubs, they’re considering doing a sequel based on someone else in manhattan’s experience during the crisis. I will obv be seeing that on opening day. Oh and I can’t wait for that 21 movie to come out. Did you see the preview for it? It looks phenom. Happy Wednesday!

  4. Kara/Tramrak

    omg i saw Cloverfield on Saturday night and it was AWESOME! i am a horror movie FANATIC and so i usually judge harshly but this one got an A++ from me! it was SO realistic and so disturbing, for some reason it felt so real i left the movie theatre feeling very nervous and worried! that never happens to me! although the shaky cam thing didn’t make me sick, it made my best friend joey all pukey for like 2 hours afterwards. btw, did you notice that the girl who blew up (Marlena i think her name was) was totally a VERY slimmed down Janice Ian via Mean Girls?!?!?! yes that was Janice Ian!!! she def caught the Hollywood Anorexia Virus!

  5. Fabulista

    No prob, Daneen! I went to True Brew in Dresher, it did the job. Cloverfield was AMAZING!!! See it. But it did make me nauseated b/c of the jumpy filming (it’s supposed to be home movie style, like the Blair Witch Project).


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