Pour Some Sugar on Me: The Finer Things Club

Hi dolls! Happy Thanksgiving! Remember the Finer Things Club that Pam, Tobey and Oscar started on The Office? Well surely, if they were to choose a body scrub to try out in addition to various internationally-themed cuisines and books, they’d choose Zia Basics Bamboo Exfoliant as it is a) one of the finer things and b) is a very finely-grained scrub. This smooth polish gently exfoliates without irritating or overdrying. Soybean oil, rice bran, and yucca extract help soothe and moisturize. Perfect for sensitive skinned gals who find larger grained scrubs too abrasive.

In other news, I am obsessed with Andrex, a piglet who was found in a toilet paper shipment to a supermarket called Tesco in England. I am entirely devoted to finding out how he came to be found in the shipment. Sources say they think it was a PRANK. Can you imagine? How NOT funny is it to put a baby piglet in danger to have a laugh! What if it took weeks for him to be found? AND he suffered cuts and bruising to his snout (see pic on the left). I’ve never heard of anything so sad. He’s ADORABLE. My brother pointed out that at least he had unlimited access to toilet paper, even if it is European TP, which is never as good. Hilar. Anyway, the Tesco staff acted quickly and called the RSPCA for help, and he’s now being cared for by them until he’s ready to be given to a good home. I’m RELIEVED that he’s in good hands. I’ve been following his story and checking on his status approximately every hour. I’ll keep you updated.

Happy Turkey Day!


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