Granting Immunity

Unlike the word immunity‘s usage on 24, when it comes to beauty products, it’s not such a good thing. Well, except for Michelle Dessler’s immunity to that crazy deadly virus that killed you and the first symptom was bleeding from your NOSE. Anyway. Switching out your fave brands every once in a while is an evil necessity, friends. Here are my top five “switch hits” so that I don’t become immune. My friend L didn’t know this and I thought, what is she, cra? And then I realized that most people haven’t been studying Allure since the age of 11, nor do they rip out their favorite tips and file them in empty photo albums.

The Ush:
Lady Mitchum Clear Gel Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant, Shower Fresh
This stuff rocks. Even though I still like the interim product, it’s a DISTANT second. Smells delish, rarely gets on clothes, doesn’t burn after shaving.
The Interim Prod:
Degree Invisible Solid in Shower Clean
Does the job and smells different from Lady Mitchum (though shower is still in the title).

The Ush:
Crest Whitening Plus Scope
The Interim Prod:
Marvis Toothpaste in Ginger Mint
Although I can’t 100% cosign $9.00 toothpaste, I have to say that once in a while, Marvis is worth it. I long for the days of unlimited Marvis in every delectable flavor (my favorite is ginger-mint) when I worked in beauty PR. It comes from Italy (which makes it even cooler in my book) and makes brushing much more fun. Just having it on my bathroom counter makes me feel as if I’ve entered a different tax bracket.

The Ush:
Grassroots In Perfect Condition Deeply Moisturizing Shampoo
I highly recommend it for highlighted, heat-damaged manes. It’s restoring mine nicely back to health.
The Interim Prod:
Bumble and bumble Sunday Shampoo
Rids your hair of product buildup and is a great way to cleanse your follicular palate, esp on a Sunday. Also good as an alternative to the Grassroots shampoo which can be a bit too moisturizing if you use it more than 3 times a week.

The Ush:
Back to Basics Raspberry Almond Reparative Conditioner
Love this stuff. It moisturizes enough yet isn’t a protein masque (those are recommended for use only once or twice a week).
The Interim Prod:
L’Oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss Conditioner for Damaged Hair
If it doesn’t say damaged in the title, I’m not buying, clearly. This stuff boasts cashmere touch and mirror shine and I have to say, it comes rather close. First purchased in Israel and had a devil of a time finding the American counterpart as the title was written on my original in Hebrew.

Hair Masque

The Ush:
Kerastase Oleo Relax Smoothing Hair Masque for Fine Hair
If my blog were a drinking game, everyone would take a shot when I mention this product. It’s the best thing since sliced bread, dolls. It’s not cheap at $40 a jar, but it will last about 6 months if you use it only a couple of times a week.
The Interim Prod:
Sunsilk Hydra TLC Multi-Symptom Masque with Nutri-keratin
At under $6, it provides a refreshing alternative to Kerastase and works ALMOST as well.

You’re welcome.

5 Comments Granting Immunity

  1. MRSShopaholic

    Thank you Christine for the suggestion! I’m always looking for new products to try. Have you heard of Jan Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner? It’s pretty pricy, around $170 but I completely swear by it!! I know it’s a lot of money for a conditioner (it is actually a leave-on so you could use it with your other products too) but if you want to add some body to your hair – I completely recommend it! I used to have stringy, wispy hair and this conditioner has definitely added some spice.

    If your interested, you can find it on her website (

  2. Jammahs

    Just wanted to thank you, Beauty Blogging Junkie, for the suggestion on the Lady Mitchium. I’ll spare you the details, but it was very effective on this super hot and humid day in the city!

  3. Christine

    Have you tried the Garnier 3 Minute Super Conditioner Sleek & Shine? It’s about $4 for a little jar of it, and I LOVE it! It smells amazing, a tropical blend that I can’t identify but makes me want to eat my conditioner! The product really helps my over-heated, colored hair. I go from straw to super shiny, silky blond. Give it a shot next time you need to trade out!


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