I Don’t Do Pot.

I simply can’t deal with the “messy on my finger” thing that happens with glosses and balms that live in a pot. Can we not agree as a people in 2007 that anything other than a tube is ridiculous? I mean, technology exists for a reason, even in the realm of beauty. For that reason, I can BARELY use my Smith’s Rosebud Salve (obv, I received it as a gift, I would never buy it because I’m still waiting for them to present it to me in a TUBE). I keep it at work (the mark of a C list beauty prod, in my book) and dip my lips INTO it when I absolutely need some balm. I also can’t deal with the old lady rose scent. I am NOT into floral scents AT ALL.

Anyway, here’s what I DO love. My fabulous friend Julia furnished me with a bag of DELIGHTFUL Givenchy and Guerlain prods last week and to say I was kind of excited is to say that Isaac Mizrahi KIND OF likes to use bright colors. Or that he KIND OF likes his dog, Harry. Love his show on the Style network, BT dubs. Guerlain Kiss Kiss gloss in Rose Florida is DIVINE. You need just a slight bit (it wasn’t easy for me at first, b/c I LOVE to glop on the gloss) and it tastes like a sophisticated raspberry CANDY. The color is pinky sheer and the consistency and packaging is half the reason to go out and buy it. It comes in a gorge golden capped tube of DELIGHT that’s just DYING to become a part of your boudoir. Merci, Jules!

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