In Other News

Not too much in the way of beauty news, this week. Thus far. So here’s a bunch of random other notable happenings of the weekend I must discuss…

*An email I intended to write to my friend Lauren, was sent by accident to an ex- boyfriend due to their names beginning with the same 3 letters. Thanks, gmail.

*I am a chosen person, but wasn’t for jury duty. That was good news, especially since I had to go into work afterwards anyway. Can you imagine if I were responsible for deciding the fate of a convict for weeks on end AND had to work post-trial, 5-10pm? No thanks.

*My lifestyle of late is very collegiate. I feel as if I belong in a DORM. First of all, I’ve been referring to everyone in my life with “dining hall” nicknames. Oh, come on. You did it, too. How else were you supposed to communicate to your friend that her crush is merely one table over so she’ll have to order some non-messy food to eat (i.e., not a sandwich) so as to appear more attractive? And? Why do I think it’s okay to stay out until 5am these days? WHY? There was a time and a place for that and it was Allston, MA in 2001. Done.

*I purchased a GORGEOUS necklace this weekend, gold with a beautiful light pink stone pendant that promptly broke on my neck after one hour. Luckily, my friend Mitch was unwittingly a fashionista. After trying to fix it for me with needle-nosed pliers (he couldn’t, it was unsalvagable. It was missing a crucial piece), he suggested I wear it backwards with the clasp/extra necklace slack hanging in the front. As if THAT were the pendant. It looked gorge, I’m not going to lie. Not as gorge as the way it was MEANT to be warn, but Mitch knew I needed some flair, and that was the only way I was going to be able to rock it.

*Daylight savings time ALWAYS is a rough adjustment for me. I get jetlag. I’m serious. For the next week, I can’t stop talking about it. I’ll be all, “Guys. It’s REALLY 10pm, not 11.” The other negative about DST is that the bars in NY closed at 3pm this weekend. What with my new lifestyle, this was NOT superfantastic. Don’t worry, I still found a way to stay out till 5.

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