Best News EVER

So my fabulous friend Leah informs me that she already knows what she’s getting me for my birthday. We go through the charade of her trying to keep the gift a secret every year, but the fabulista does not love a surprise (really, I could care less) so every year, like clockwork, Leah pretends she can’t tell me, but then I tell her who cares about surprises, blah blah blah, end result = she tells me my gift two months in advance. So this year (I can’t even wait to tell you), she’s getting me THE FIRST SEASON OF THE GOLDEN GIRLS ON DVD. Oh yes. From Shady Pines to the Lanai. I’m beyond ecstatic about this news. I obv hope that the “murder mystery” episode is included in this season (some IMDB-ing will confirm that quickly enough) but even if it isn’t, what’s better? Not one thing. By the way, on a 1993 trip to MGM Studios, yours truly took a picture of the Golden Girls’ house façade (indeed, it’s not a real house…so even if you’re DYING to get out onto that lanai, it’s never going to happen) and has it framed. It weirded out my college roommates freshman year. Whatevs, it obv wasn’t the first nor the last thing that weirded them out about me.

One entire season of Dorothy’s caftans, Blanche’s silky negligees, Sophia’s digressions commencing with “Picture this: Sicily, 1942”, and Rose’s St. Olaf stories. Can’t wait. CAN’T WAIT.

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