Searching for a Stylist? Try This Tip

When searching for a stylist and you want to make sure you find one who can measure (seriously, why does an inch to some stylists mean 7?), a good rule of thumb is to look for one with long hair herself. Or himself. I don’t discriminate. My current stylist, Amy at Bumble and bumble is fantastic and respects my need for long locks. She has very long hair herself and even when my hair is damaged and could use a good whacking, she’ll respect my wishes and only chop the ends whilst giving me a good conditioning treatment.

Still, be advised that even that plan is not foolproof. I tried out a stylist at another salon uptown and was introduced to Karmela, whose mane rivaled that of Rapunzel. After explaining to her I want to keep “as much length as humanly possible”, Karmela agreed, comparing a too-short haircut you don’t want to getting raped. Now even I, the mayor of Hyperbole City, wouldn’t go so far as to make that analogy. Naturally, right after the discussion, Karmela “raped” me by snipping my long hair into a BOB. That was our first and last visit. I returned to Amy for my next cut. Have any hair horror stories? Share away!

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