I am not Averse to Shock Therapy

After only two uses, I officially love Bliss’s Shock Therapy Super Minty Concentrated Body Wash. It comes in a 16 oz container (more than most shower gels) AND is concentrated so you get way more bang for your buck–since it’s Bliss (both the brand and the adjective), it’s not cheap. Do heed the directions, however and do a quick “soap-and-rinse” on your “sensitive areas” unless you prefer a vick’s vapor rub sensation on your lady (or man) parts. It’s seriously tingly-mintyness is invigorating, and it diffuses its delish smell through the whole bathroom. It gives you a clean that rivals Irish Spring. Storytime: it’s so not chic, but until Shock Therapy, I never felt as clean as I did using Irish Spring. You know, the bar soap your dad or maybe your boyfriend picks up at CVS for like, $.45 a bar. Because I was so embarrassed that a product connoisseur would deign to use men’s deo soap as her primary means of cleanliness, I switched to the only-slightly-more-sophisticated Lever 2000. But now, I am resigned to only buying $23 body wash. I’ll just add it to my ever-growing list of extravagances. Also fabulous from the Bliss Catalogue: MBT Shoes. I bought a pair 3 months ago and am SO reaping the benefits. More on those later this week.

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