"They’re Just Festive Little Milks!"

I had such a superfantastic time in PA. And BTW, happy belated Thanksgiving to all of my internet friends. Here’s what I bought:

A surplus of Bliss products including: Plum Plum Body Butter, Shock Therapy Minty Shower Gel, two lid liners, an eyeshadow and two lip pencils.

A gorge off the shoulder brown silk sweater

A LAPTOP on which I’m currently typing that is a) not from 1997 like my previous one and b) is so light and portable so that I can Carrie Bradshaw out and take it to Starbucks.

A James Perse black T shirt

A black Max Studio black wrap shirt (wrap anything is so super)

A CC California cashmere short sleeved violet sweater (like butter)

A cheap pair of skinny jeans that are uber fantastic and cost only $15.00. Can you BELIEVE?

I am loving all of my purchases but was so upset that out of the Targets I frequented this weekend, not one sold those Isaac Mizrahi leopard flats I covet in my size.

I also watched a strange amount of Party of Five’s season one.

Oh, and the title? It was overheard this morning at Perkins over eggs with my BFF Lee whilst I was in the restroom. This man was explaining to his son what the little half & half containers that accompany the coffee were. THAT is how he chose to describe it. Needless to say, I was really sorry I missed it.


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