* I was even more excited than ush to receive my Teen Vogue this month as it featured MK Olsen on the cover.

* I’m already tired of hearing about TomKat’s wedding.

* All I want to do is go to my parents’ house in Philly and watch the Macy’s Parade and The Office on DVD.

* I am so so happy that Isaac has returned to the Style network, albeit abridged from an hour to 30 minutes. I’ll take it; he still does Sketches and Answers.

* I have too many movies I plan to see over the break (in no particular order):

That Christopher Guest Purim movie
Bobby (the hair is going to be PHENOMENAL–have you seen the stills of Sharon Stone and Lindsay Lohan???)
Marie Antoinette
The Departed

* The Christmas music on 106.7 is already in full swing for 24 hours from now until the big day. I’ll still be into it for another week or so. My ultimate fave, however, is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas”. I will NEVER stop rocking out to that.

* DVR is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have caught up on about 4 seasons of ER in only 2 months! Yay 2 episodes a day on TNT!

* Do yourself a favor and pick up some of Laura Mercier’s Flawless Face Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free–it’s worth the hype.

*Have a super Thanksgiving!

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