Clinique Quickliner

My name is Fabulista and I am a “Free Gift with Purchase” addict. What can I say? It’s the best way to learn about new products when you don’t want to shell out the money for something you already have in a similar color/formula. Or several similar colors/formulas (formulae, for Latin scholars). Anyway. My favorite “free gift” to date is Clinique’s Quickliner in Black/Brown. For those who are “eyeliner-challenged”, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Its self-sharpening, twist-up wand is perfect for your purse or on mornings when you can’t deal with liquid/gel liner or simply having to deal with a brush. Personally, I think the black/brown shade is best for green or blue eyes which look a bit harsh with straight up black. Brown-eyed girls best rock the black. The consistency is almost crayon-like and best of all? My quickliner is nowhere near finished and I’ve had it for about 2 years. Check it.

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