A word about Kerastase: there’s a reason it’s the celeb shampoo and conditioner du jour. This stuff is definitely worth the extra buck. I read somewhere that L’Oreal Vive hair products are the same as Kerastase, and that may be true for Vive’s Smooth-Intense shampoo…but I canNOT find the L’Oreal conditioner that matches Kerastase’s Oleo Relax Masque. I buy the kind for fine hair and believe me, a little dab will do ya. I use the masque on my formerly over-processed hair. Note the usage of the word formerly–I believe Kerastase has made the difference. It could also be my way-closer-to-my-natural-color-which-is-not-brown lowlighted hair, but really the direct relationship between my silky mane and commencement of my addiction to Kerastase must be noted. To quote my new favorite beauty blogger, Tia Williams, discovering this product was “not unlike stumbling upon a man willing to hold your “maybe” pile during a sample sale”. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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