Eau de Fabulista

Although I am the beauty blogging junkie, I don’t get very into fragrances. I’m allergic to a lot of them, especially those that are very flowery and eau-de-grandma-ish. I have two perennial faves: Dior’s Hypnotic Poison and Burberry Classic. I got into Hypnotic Poison while in school in Boston. It’s the perfect freezing-cold-weather perfume. I still wear it in the winter from time to time, mostly because it reminds me of French classes, Eurotrash music and using fake IDs to get into Wonderbar. It’s warm, vanilla-y and sexy as hell. Burberry Classic was a gift from my mom, who has only worn one perfume in her life–Nina Ricci’s L’Air du Temps and even that she only wears like, once a decade. I ADORE Burberry Classic. It smells almost like almonds and hints of vanilla with some kind of sophisticated berry thrown in. Not quite as sexy as Hypnotic Poison, but very clean-smelling.

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