Total Beauty NY Press Event at Space.NK!

I know, it’s like I’m at Space.NK more than I’m in my own living room.

BT dubs, do you know about You should, this beauty PHENOMENON launched last Thursday and was recently featured in Allure and in WWD. The glam-to-the-max beauty site was created by Emrah Kovacoglu and is bursting with product information and reviews, beauty “how to” videos, and links to several of my fave beauty blogs. You create your own profile and review products on the site (won’t it be fun to channel your inner beauty blogger?). Total Beauty can make recommendations tailored to your specifications using their Beauty Scout feature. Sort of like how TiVo knows how to record certain shows it thinks you’ll like based on the shows you watch, Beauty Scout recommends products in your price range, keeping your coloring, skin concerns, and ingredients to avoid in mind. You simply fill out a short survey online first.
GENIUS, n’est-ce pas?

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Bring on the Heat

My friend Nicola sent me a bundle of “feel better” gifts last week (she’s great like that), all of which I’ve been loving. The first gem among them is Frederic Fekkai Coiff Defense Pre Style Thermal/UV Protectant. I thought this was a simple heat protectant in spray form. You know, the kind Neutrogena Heat Safe made famous in the 90s (I obv owned it). It’s a protectant spray, but it functions more as a leave-in conditioner. Intended for all hair types, it provides hold, restores hair’s natural moisture balance with rice protein, jojoba protein and panthenol, in addition to providing UV/environmental protection.

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Fake it with Origins’ The Great Pretender and Faux Glow

OK, I’m back. I’ve been laying low all week, missing my friend Ramon, feeling as if I don’t even DESERVE to call myself Fabulista, but you know what? I decided I’m tired of looking like one of the castmembers of Village of the Damned and got it together and self-tanned the heck out of myself and I feel WAY better. My friend Stephanie supplied me with Origins The Great Pretender, a spearmint-smelling body tanner, and Faux Glow, a face self-tanner. Both are oil-free, non-acnegenic, and immediately warmed my lilywhite pallor. Both products are tinted and rub in SUPER easily, with.. wait for it… NO streaks, something I’ve never encountered before from a tanning product. Some have fewer streaks, it’s true. But Origins’ tanners yield NONE. I love both for creating a realistic, light, subtly shimmery (but in no way cheesy) glow for winter. It’s not as much oomph as I’d like for summer (for that, I’m still sticking with Lancome Flash Bronzer Airbrush) but it’s perf for fair gals like me who become fishbelly-white pretty much at the exact second Eastern Standard Time commences. $17.50 for each.

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Ramon News and Orange Mentha Lip Shine

It’s not a good week again, friends. I got a call from Ramon’s vet yesterday and she outlined all the numerous things causing his sickness… everything from kidney problems, to possible cancer, to fluid in his abdomen, to heart disease, to extensive liver damage, which caused the other illnesses. She told me they could do several invasive surgeries/tests to find out what’s wrong with him. He’d have needed at least $10,000 worth of medical treatments/surgeries/tests/biopsies and even if we medicated him for all his ailments, she gave him a prognosis of 6 months to a year. She said he wouldn’t be in pain for that time, but his quality of life would diminish severely. I had to make the hardest decision of my life. Last night, I had him put to sleep and I’m embarrassingly devastated.

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Win $300 at eLuxury!

Lauren from Ask Fashion Kitty, Style Dash and ThisNext (Lauren is busy, n’est-ce pas?) is giving you a chance at winning a $300 gift card from through a contest she’s running on ThisNext.

The contest is simple: Each recommendation you make on ThisNext tagged “lux” will count as one entry in our random drawing. The hardest part will be figuring out what to buy with your gift card …

Good luck!

Beauty on a SERIOUS Budget

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces.” Tell me in the comments what movie this quote is from AND the author from whom “It is a truth universally acknowledged” is cribbed.

Anyway, that’s what’s happening in my lifestyle. Work is going okay as my responsibilities have changed and are more in line with my skills and interests. Yay for that. Unfortunately, several other areas are not going so well. My friend J’s dad was in the ICU last week for pneumonia that evolved into a blood infection. How awful is that? My cat Ramon has become increasingly sick and is in a lot of pain. The vet said that he has hyperthyroidism and will need to undergo radioactive iodine therapy, which costs $1500 I don’t have. This in addition to the $350 I racked up in vet bills last week. Now, I was planning on using my bonus to pay for it, however, my employer announced today that due to market conditions, bonuses won’t be given out this year. This is wildly convenient, right? So, though I think it’s incredibly tacky to have blog tip jars, for the moment, it’s the only way I can think of to try and diminish the loan I’m going to have to take out for him to have this procedure as it’s necessary and I plum can’t afford it. It’s the donate button on the right side of the page underneath the google box (through paypal). If you can contribute a couple dollars, Ramon and I VERY much appreciate it! It’s part of my several step plan to earn slash save money. The plan involves pursuing freelance work, eating soup, and eschewing social activities (non-free ones) until 2008.

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"Peelin’" Fine: Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel

TGIF. Longest week in HIST. So I was recently introduced to online beauty retailer Kaia House, and am impressed with their philosophy (from their website):

Unlike most traditional beauty stores, we believe in bringing only the best of each brand to our customers and only carry products that are both Safe and Effective, as well as Animal and Environmentally friendly. Your health and well-being is a serious matter, and for this reason, we consult the internationally recognized Environmental Working Group and their Cosmetics Safety Database to verify the safety of each ingredient in every single one of our products. From this database, we created our own safety guide for your reference called the “Most UN-wanted List”, an extensive list of synthetic chemicals found in everyday products to avoid.

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Allure Giveaway

Starting this Saturday, you can enter to win holiday gifts from Allure’s Wish List including a
collection of Gucci Westman’s 36 favorite Lancôme products, a
limited-edition Estee Lauder compact, Rescue Beauty’s set of dark polishes,
a Dior I Love Dior lip palette, and 10 other gifts worth more than $3,600.

Good luck!

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