Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage Eye Holiday Set

It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gifts!


Prevage Eye is the moisturizing eye treatment with Idebenone, one of the most powerful antioxidants to address signs of aging. When it comes to the skin’s appearance, it’s anti-crow’s feet. Anti-dark circles. Anti-puffy skin. Anti-everything. Available in a three-piece set. Includes: 0.5 oz PREVAGE® Eye anti-aging moisturizing treatment, .17 oz PREVAGE® Eye anti-aging moisturizing treatment, .17 oz PREVAGE® anti-aging treatment. $95.00

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Mee Chow DOES Make the Best Sandwiches

I am just brimming with Boston nostalgia today! Between the Red Sox winning the World Series opener last night (go Sox!) and this list I found on Facebook, I am having serious BU withdrawal. It’s ridiculously long, but SO right on. I would die for a fro yo from Ankara Cafe right NOW.

You Know You’re a BU Student When:

You somehow got to live in a brownstone, Myles or Shelton as a freshman, but that means you have no friends.
Your Chancellor rules with an iron fist… well, the only one that he actually has.
You’ve partied with the smartest kids in America (MIT students), and they kill more brain cells than anyone else you know.
There’s a remarkable number of Thai restaurants on your campus.
You know someone who knows the girl who starred in the BU porn. You also have or know someone who has watched the entire thing.
You remember being told during a campus tour, “Warren Towers is the 2nd largest non-military dorm in the country.” Why this matters, no one knows…
You have been lost in CAS because the fifth floor ends mysteriously.
You forgot you were at an MIT frat because everyone there is from BU.
You don’t know a single person who knows what purpose “The Castle” actually serves.
A 2 second time gap between cars means it’s safe to cross the street.
You know how to get anywhere by “T” but would get utterly lost if you tried to walk.
It’s suddenly dark at night once October rolls around because the Fenway lights aren’t lighting up your room.
There’s actually grade DEFLATION.
While crossing the street you’ve almost gotten run over by the “T”, a car, and a guy on a bicycle.
Your school can afford to put 500 people in hotels for a semester at $120 dollars a night per person, while the on-campus housing resembles prision quarters.
You know what it means to be “knighted” and why it is important.
You can’t fathom how the Gap next to Barnes and Noble went out of business.
Cranberry Farms is gourmet.
Your relatives ask you how school is and they always say “Boston College.”
You have found yourself stranded outside your own dorm because you forgot your ID and the guards think you are lying.
Your favorite beach has no sand on it.
Your school doesn’t have a football team.
You’ve been threatened by a paper bag full of apprehended fake IDs but you use yours anyway.
You can type in a 16 letter password in less than 3 seconds.
You get to choose between living in prison-like dorms, rat/roach-infested brownstones, or high-rise luxury apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows and cable TV.
When in doubt, you go to the GSU.
Everyone has a different answer as to what that sculpture in front of Marsh Chapel is.
You have a pin, shirt, or other apparel that says “Be You” instead of the actual letters.
You could meet someone you don’t like on the streets one day, and never see them again because the campus and student body is so large.
You hate Domino’s but you continue to order it because you don’t have any real money, just points.
You know what “The Quest” is.
You can be sure that at the first sign of snow, BU will send 50-year-old ladies from B&G outside to shovel it for you.
You know Mee Chow makes the best sandwiches.
You know who the chancellor is, but not where he works, lives, or what his job actually entails.
The clip clop of pointed boots and the swish of Burberry scarves become more poignant the closer to Kenmore Square you get.
You have learned to appreciate PAX as it is the only channel you are able to get, unless you play with your antenna for half an hour before a show starts.
When you go home you can’t understand why there isnt a Starbucks on every corner.
If you walk into SMG and you’re not a business major you feel gyped and worthless.
You know not to talk to SMG kids ANYTIME during their junior year.
You go to T’s Pub on your 21st birthday for the free champagne.
You know that Myles is where they put the “weirdos” in the 70’s and the feeling hasn’t quite left.
You get really excited when all the doors to the T open when it’s going inbound.
You know that pigeons turn into rats at night.
You judge what time it is by whether or not the Citgo sign has gone out yet.
You wish every store and restaurant along Comm Ave took convenience points.
You know you go to BU if a burrito made by any other than the wonderful Jose Luis, the towers burrito man, is unacceptable.
You pregame so that you’re drunk enough not to feel the cold as you walk to Landsdowne Street in 30 degree weather without a coat.
Your parents took out a fifth mortgage on the house to pay your tution but your roomate drives a BMW.
You’ve been chased down the hall by a screaming woman because you took TWO pieces of fruit.
You consider staying in Boston over the summer to see what its like to be “warm” and “in Boston” at the same time, for longer then 2 days.
You can easily win (or lose, depending on your opinion) any “Who Pays the Most Tuition” contests with your high school friends.
You’re the only school that holds (or used to hold) classes in an old Synagogue (Morse Auditorium) and a movie theater (the Nickelodeon, now closed, on Cummington St.).
You’ve tripped on the sidewalk in front of CAS, and looked around as if it was the ground’s fault.
You’ve been blown over by the wind between Rich and Sleeper Hall or on the bridge on St. Mary’s Street.
You look forward to eating breakfast on Sunday’s until 4pm.
You can say you’ve messed around with people from some of the smartest and dumbest colleges in the country… all in the same night.
You try… every time.. to get 5 people in a cab. You’ve tried getting in real quick, so maybe the cabbie won’t notice.
You cant understand a word the “T” driver says but know exactly where you are.
You’ve tried using someone else’s ID to swipe into a dorm you don’t live in.
You have no idea what happens in, nor have you ever been inside the Photonics building.
Your cocktails consist ice from CampCo, pepsi from latenight, and rum from your 21 yr. friend.
You know that you will never live in Student Village.
You know about the Mugar Library 3rd floor and the rumour that suggests it is one of the best places to meet girls according to Playboy magazine.
You spent a year mourning the loss of the Kenmore square IHOP.
You buy Christmas presents at the Starbucks in the GSU, because that’s Dining Points.
You don’t realize you can walk to Harvard Square, because it takes an hour on the T.
You know what defenestration is, and you bring it up as often as possible.
You get Partriot’s Day off
You stopped mourning for IHOP only to be devastated by the disappearance of the Deli Haus.
Your pub crawls are limited to the BU Pub, the Dugout, T’s Pub and Becketts.
You know that a $500 parking pass does not necessarily mean you can park on campus, and you know you will never park within a 10 min walk from your dorm.
The highlight of your year was the day you started getting 2 channels instead of 1.
You go home during breaks and literally watch hours and hours straight of TV and your defense is “you’re making up for lost time.”
You continue to get burritos at lunch, even though they give you a stomach ache, just because they’re so damn good.
Due to the guest policy you defenestrate IDs to your friends waiting outside so that you don’t have to sign them in.
You brag about Ankara’s; the only place you’ve ever heard of that delivers custom-made frozen yogurt to your door.
You’ve come to terms with the fact that the BU Bum makes more money than you do.
You’ve looked out your dorm window to figure out the weather but the man in the shorts and t-shirt is followed by the woman in a wool coat.
Some days, your Tuesdays are Mondays.
You’re late to class even though two T’s passed by–one being an express, and the other being brand new and empty, yet still going through its 5 month “test” phase.
It’s illegal to bring food into the library, but security doesn’t check your bag until you leave.
You got lost trying to get into or out of the Myles Annex.
3/4 of your friends are on financial aid, the other 1/4 could buy their own Pacific island
When people ask you what your campus looks like you tell them to imagine a six lane highway with a trolley down the middle and buildings on either side of it for two miles.
You know that the study extension list is actually just a list of everyone getting laid that night.
20,000 students, huge campus……word of mouth still travels faster than any other means….
One of the highest grossing Starbucks is in one of your classroom buildings.
You were told during orientation that all of the dorms are co-ed. Yet, after your third year on an all-girl’s floor you’re beginning to suspect that the guys are actually housed elsewhere.
You live in a triple that used to be double, and have friends who live in quads that used to be triples.
The only math you used to help you was when you did an equation to realize how much that class you slept through cost your parents.
MIT Frats houses are next door to your dorms, but BU frat houses are a T ride away.
You know that the only people swimming in the Charles are ones lacking a pulse.

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Check out Violet on the Runway

I had an indulgent summer slash early fall, from a literary perspective. I rarely departed from the YA/teen novel category. This is not SO unusual, I do subscribe to two teen magazines (Teen Vogue and Seventeen). Teen novels are like grilled cheese sandwiches. You feel sort of guilty ordering them because they’re kind of juvenile, they aren’t REALLY substantial enough to constitute a balanced meal, but they’re SO good and there’s really no substitute when you’re craving one. So when I received my copy of Violet on the Runway by my former mediabistro.com teacher Melissa Walker, I immediately dropped Dostoevsky’s Notes from the Underground (sorry, bookclub… I picked it back up, don’t worry) and devoured it. Melissa’s experience as a former writer and editor for ELLEgirl gives Violet on the Runway an authentic feel. Basically, smarmy Angela, a modeling agent discovers Violet, a high school senior working at a movie theater in her hometown of Chapel Hill.

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Free That Curl

I’ve been ignoring my curls for YEARS and I sort of do feel bad about it. I’ve really limited wearing my curls to rainy or excessively humid days because you never really know what you’re going to GET with curly hair. You know? It’s like the proverbial box of chocolates. That’s why I don’t dare rock curls when I go OUT. Who knows what chicanery could ensue? And would I have time to rewash and restyle? PLUS, my layers and bangs situ must be long enough to be curly. AND my cra hair actually curls so much better the longer it is. So right after a haircut… I run from water for months (obv other than washing it).

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Ultimate Arden Facial: Only $175

FYI, ladies! The 80-minute Ultimate Arden Facial is available at all Red Door Spa locations for $175. Here are the details:

This facial uses Arden’s premium skincare products. After cleansing, toning and exfoliation, this multi-faceted beauty indulgence lavishes you with a warm stone upper body massage, a hand-softening treatment and a soothing cool stone facial massage. Following a refreshing eye contour treatment, Elizabeth Arden’s unique face and décolleté firming mask is applied. A relaxing scalp massage and lip or brow wax are their divine touches. Flawless makeup application crowns this totally transcending spa experience.

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25% Off Facial Treatments at Shobha Soho and Shobha Columbus Circle

Hi friends! I’ve been asked to notify you of a deal for NYC gals:

* Shobha SoHo 594 Broadway, Suite 403 between Houston & Prince (212.931.8363) www.shobhathreading.com. Subway: N,R at Prince; 6 at Bleecker; B, D, F, V to Broadway/Lafayette. 25% off facial treatments with new facialist Saroj, valid 10/16/07 – 11/11/07. Shobha facial treatments offer all-natural, freshly-made skin solutions through unique blends of Indian herbs and natural ingredients (reg. $55-$140; save up to $35).

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"You Need to Access Your Uncrazy Side."

Darryl Philbin KILLS me, dolls.

The newest gloss in my rotation these days is Hourglass Lip Gloss in Truth (fourth one from the right, pictured above). It’s a nudish-pink, water resistant, non-sticky more-like-a-liquid-lipstick gloss that lasts for.ev.er. (To be said in the voice of that kid from The Sandlot). Perfection with a smoky eye and some bombshell hair and tastes/smells of vanilla. I love the sleek packaging, but have to say that it results in the wand being a little awkwardly long for my liking, but that said, it feels like a dream on and won’t allow your hair to stick to it. Northeast gals will love that aspect. $26 at Sephora.

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"Where You Drink Champagne and it Tastes Just Like Cherry COLA…"

I love the holiday season. There are some aspects of it that I don’t like: I hate the hallmark – ness of it all, the pressure to get in your gift shopping before it’s too late, and I LOATHE New Year’s Eve. But I adore:
Holiday parties – I like to see how many I can crash each year
Gingerbread lattes from Starbucks
The smell of cinnamon
Red lipstick
Sparkly holiday clothes (I’m attracted to sparkles like a MAGPIE)

I tried out a divine palette by Lola to be offered this holiday season and LOVED it.

Laptop Color to Go Palette in Joy:

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