Win David Scott Cosmetics and a $50 Gift Certificate to Bruno Jamais Restaurant!

BBJ is hosting a contest for NYC readers to win a $50.00 gift certificate to the ultra luxurious Bruno Jamais Restaurant Club AND several beauty products from cosmetics/skincare line David Scott Cosmetics so you can look glam before you dine out. To enter, provide a beauty question in the comments section. Next Sunday, I’ll draw the names out a hat and will announce the winner!

Some info on Bruno Jamais Restaurant:

Bruno Jamais Restaurant Club is located at 24 East 81st Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues.
The restaurant is blocks away from all of the upper east side’s museums and hotels such as The Carlyle, The Mark and The Stanhope. Celebrity diners have included Chazz Palminteri, Cindy Adams, Chris Noth, Fat Joe, Gary Shandling, Robin Givens, Chaka Khan, Alex Rodriguez, Supermodel Carol Alt, The Gastineau Girls, Joan Rivers, Kim Cattral, and even former President Bill Clinton.

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Splendid Weekend Reads

From the Splendicity community comes the best beauty and fashion links of the week.


Viva Woman
offers 5 tips to get the most out of your facial moisturizer.
Beauty and Fashion Tech reviews Laura Mercier Oil Free and Silk Creme Foundations.
Makeup and Beauty Blog says Glow in Style with Shu Uemura Glow On Blush.
Temptalia provides a detailed diagram on the parts of the eye you should know before applying makeup!
Beauty Secrets Revealed shares a Relaxing And Soothing Foot Soak Recipe.
Ellen from Spa Beautifully says that you may not need to get that liposuction done – now there is lipomassage.
Savvy Skin shares some Beauty No-Nos.
Henna at Canadian Beauty tells you about her new favourite primer.
The Mineral Makeup Blog shares info about Blusche Minerals’ Phoebe Mineral Veil.
Aging Fabulous is in love with The Hand Treatment by La Mer.

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Things and a Beauty Tip

I can only communicate via bullets today…

*EVERYTHING is annoying me today. For instance, I have two military wool coats that are gorge… but BOTH have officially been diagnosed with button leprosy. I’ve replaced at least 3 buttons on both coats respectively. For serious? Has anyone else experienced this problem? I can’t sew anymore buttons, for the love.

*I need to find some other vocation that doesn’t so closely resemble Dante’s 8th circle of hell.

*My roommate and I are trying to move into a larger apartment in our current building with WAY better storage space. This is now a necessity as my product situation has truly gotten out of hand. Wish us luck!

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Per Cintra Wilson’s NYT Critical Shopper Article Today

“Facial treatments generally test the human threshold for fear, pain and anxiety. In beauty, torture gets results. As Lawrence of Arabia said, the trick is not minding that it hurts. Pink lasers invade your face, you smell your own burning flesh, you have black scabs for six days afterward and think ‘that wasn’t half bad.'”

Sad but true, n’est-ce pas?

Read the entire article here.

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To Do: 1. Buy Gum, 2. Make Out With A Celeb

Happy Thursday! Don’t forget to enter the 80s Song/Face Wash Week Contest!

My parents are in town, which usually means a Broadway show or two and some good meals. Last night we ate at Marseille on 9th Avenue at 44th Street and it was phenomenal. It’s a French restaurant actually owned by a French man, which is a rarity, even in New York. I had a Mediterranean salad and the Tunisian chicken, which was out of control good. Then we saw The Seafarer, which had an amazing ensemble cast, but had a script and set that did not impress me. There was so much sitting AROUND in this play, it was literally unbelievable. A lot of card playing as well. I don’t like to play cards myself, I CERTAINLY don’t want to watch a play that is 30% card playing. The story line got more interesting and it did leave me thinking about it, though. Maybe it’s worth seeing for that. But unless you get discounted tickets or something, I’d see something else.

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ck Calvin Klein Delicious Light Glistening Lip Gloss

Calvin Klein recently introduced their new beauty line which I am LOVING thus far. This brand certainly wins the innovative luxe packaging award. I plan to review several of the products in the extensive line but first, we must discuss ck Delicious Light Glistening Lip Gloss in Knockout. I may or may not have been watching Bravo’s new reality show, Make me a Supermodel this weekend and in between simultaneously coveting Niki Taylor’s dangling earrings and questioning her relevance in the 00s, I fell in LURVE with the no nonsense light fuscia lip color on Aryn during the catwalk bathing suit challenge. I can totally replicate it with my new ck gloss, $16 at Sephora. It produces superglossy, wet shine that moisturizes with minimal stickiness. Love, love, love. More ck reviews to come!

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Hello Skinny Jeans Reviews

I’m dying to try these Hello Skinny Jeans that forever beckon to me from the Bliss website. It’s so evil that they’ve extended both their clever copywriting skills and their Internet space to clothing. As if we don’t have enough problems. I’ve always been a faithful Seven for All Mankind fan when it comes to denim. They make my ample ass look less so, and for that, I’m incredibly indebted. So much so, that I rarely buy other brands. I had a short tryst with Citizens of Humanity (designed by a former Seven for All Mankind designer) but something about that squiggly “H” on the back pockets makes my behind look positively enorm.

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