New Years Gifts

Hope you all had a delightful holiday! In case you were “surprised” with a gift from someone whom you were NOT expecting to exchange with (as I was), this delightful holiday set of Body Shop body butters is a delightful New Years gift for $25. The Festive and Fabulous Body Butter Gift Set includes seasonal body butters in Cranberry, Rich Plum, and Vanilla Spice — all blended to create intense and creamy body moisturizers. Each of the three is a mini version of the real thing. Perfect for packing for the resort vacas I hope you’re planning.

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Win $300 worth of Make Up For Ever!

Get a new look for the new year with SeenON!’s newest Swag giveaway. Win $300 worth of sassy makeup by Sephora from Make Up For Ever to help you totally glam it up at your New Year’s Eve party and every day after. Register now to win this swag!


Shine On Power

Sens’Eyes – Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser


Double Pencil Sharpener

Aqua Creamliner (3 different colors)

Super Matte Loose Powder

False Eyelashes

Aqua Lip Liner (3 different colors)

Aqua Eye Liner (3 different colors)

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Israeli "Appeel"

There is this kiosk in the Montgomery Mall (outside Philadelphia) where both my brother and mother have been suckered into buying these Israeli dead sea products called Obey Your Body (product impulse buys run in the fam). My brother once gave me this manicure set that included the best files I’ve ever used and this phenom body/hand lotion. My mother on a separate occasion purchased the same one unwittingly. Now the sales people are pushy but they demonstrate the use of the products on you mid-mall and I have to say that when I’ve tried them out at my parents’ house, I’m WILDLY impressed. I stay far far away from the Israelis at the kiosk for fear that I’d buy the entire place out. Not only do I adore Israelis, but I have a serious penchant for products made from the Dead Sea. In fact, when I was IN Israel, I had a serious case of eczema that completely disappeared after a cold February dip in the Sea.

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Gloss for Gluttons: FUZE Slenderize Guilt Free Lip Gloss

I love the tagline:
“Always on the lips… Never on the hips”

Okay. I mean, take this info with a grain of salt. I love Too Faced products, so I was natch thrilled to learn that they have collaborated with FUZE Slenderize engerizing beverages to infuse a gloss with the same delicious fruit flavors and active ingredients. So far, I love the way the gloss looks, tastes and feels. I am especially into the strawberry melon flavor (pictured). It’s non-goopy, non-sticky, and sheer. It comes in a tube with a sponge applicator that works when you squeeze the gloss. I like that I don’t have to deal with a wand/brush.

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BREAKING NEWS: I just learned of these a second ago. What a phenom idea! They eliminate all contact with sales people so customers are no longer prey to product pusher persuasion. And by customers, I mean me. Anyone have any info? Are they only in malls? I’d WAY rather purchase some gorgeous gloss rather than a bag of M&Ms from a vending machine. Genius, genius, genius.


Above: Orlando styling a model’s hair.

Guys, today was one of the best days of my LIFESTYLE. You KNOW how I feel about Orlando Pita. Check out number 73 on this list. Tonight, it HAPPENED. Tragically, I had no event to attend as I had to do some freelance work and there weren’t any good plans going on this eve. I know, it’s really sad. I mean, if I were in a semi-serious relash with a dude… I’d have considered eloping tonight just because Orlando Pita had styled my hair – and I’m so not that girl with a case of barbie hand. AND he did it FOR FREE, not the $800 he normally charges for a cut/style sesh. The fabulous Milli, who does PR for T3 (you know how phenomenal I find their Evolution blow dryer, T3 Twirl curling iron, and the Duality Iron (Medium), informed me that O himself would be styling hair from 4-7pm tonight at Henri Bendel on the second floor. He was doing so to promote his new products he created in conjunction with T3 called Boost and Plump. I naturally made it my BIZ to get there and get my hair did by O himself. In the flesh. I learned that he not only does sublime work, he’s also an unbelievably humble, darling man. We discussed his background (he moved from Cuba with his fam at age 4 to New Jersey), talked about how we adore ALL products in general and enjoy learning about the chemical structure responsible for the “potions” we love, dished about fashion week and his fave designers to work with.

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"Her Name was Lola!"

“She was a showgirl…”

There are so many songs with “Lola” in them that have to be integrated into my blog titles when I discuss Lola cosmetics, which I adore for so many reasons. The packaging is sublime, they offer unique, useful items and the NAMES of the products cannot be topped. Case in point: Lola’s Creme Blush Stick in Marseilles. The other two options are named St. Tropez and Monte Carlo. Okay? What’s better than that? Now I’ve lauded this fantastic NON-POWDER (you know I’m anti) creme blush/bronzer hybrid before but I’ve just discovered a new trick that I obv had to share. You know how you’re supposed to add a “stripe” (blended, obv) of either highlighter or light concealer on the bridge of your nose to slim it? I discovered that a well-blended stripe of Marseille on my bridge does an EXCELLENT job and looks like I sojourned to Bermuda over the weekend. Check it and let me know what you think. I’m like Sonia Kashuk with this stuff.

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DIYDS Pedicure Item of the Week: Orly See Yah

As you know, I’m very into DIY (or DIM/YDS – Do it My/Your Damn Self) lately. I learned of Orly’s Divorcee collection and was totally into both the collection name itself and the names of the polishes it comprises, namely One Night Stand, Pawn the Ring, and Take him to the Cleaners. The last title is so reminiscent of Dynasty, I can practically SEE Joan Collins in my midst, screaming, “No one takes me to the cleaners AND to bed in the same night”. Anywho, I had the opportunity to try out See Yah, a dazzling pearlescent red color. Orly’s polishes are great because they come with ergonomic caps that make a difference when you’re handling your own polish. You know, doing it your damn self? Here are my three tips for DIYDS pedis.

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Kiss off, Lip Flakes.

Is there ANYTHING more annoying than being duped by Time Warner Cable’s guide that indicates the movie Center Stage is on (LOVE that med student that Mia City Maureen dates), when in reality it’s some sports show called CenterStage? You’d think I’d stop falling for it and being disappointed EVERY time. Oh, wait. I know something more annoying. Flaky gross dry skin all over my LIPS caused by this wintry mix we in NYC have been experiencing the past week. I combat it with Be Fine Lip Exfoliator with oat protein, sesame oil and pineapple. Smooth it on with your finger, buff it on off with a terry-knit towel, and apply a balm. Done. $19.99 at CVS.

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