Got2b Kate Hudson

Before my girlcrush on Amanda/Becki Newton, I tried my damnedest to channel Kate Hudson ALL OF THE TIME. I haven’t been as into her lately and even I, a former viewer of all of her movies on OPENING DAY, admit that Fool’s Gold looks pretty terrible. But did she not look breathtaking at the SAG Awards? Specifically her HAIR? 2 things, 1. I’m not really in love with that dress. I feel she wears another version of that specific dress at least 9 times a year. She looks great in it, but I could use a change. Remember the green Versace with sheer sleeves? That was a wild departure for Kate and she wore it without letting it wear her.

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Fashion Week: Thuy

Gals, I have to tell you. It’s like I’ve been trying to get through my dinner for years… and it’s finally time for dessert. Thank you, Total Beauty, for the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of reporting on Fashion Week.

This weekend is a whirlwind of fantastic events. Yesterday, I, along with over 25 other bloggers attended a fab dinner at Koi sponsored by Total Beauty and Aveda. Tomorrow, Splendicity is sponsoring a delish brunch at Sarabeth’s. I look forward to that. It was great to have the opportunity to meet so many darling ladies, whose blogs I’d been reading forever, in person. I also realized something funny. In every situation/group I’d been in previously, I’d say I knew a good 90% more on average than the other people in the room about all aspects of beauty: makeup, hair, skincare, bath products, nail polish, etc. I think of myself as someone with broad knowledge of each. I realized how little I know about the ins and outs of each particular aspect of beauty compared to these other girls… except about hair. It seems hair is my number one thing, dolls. Who even knew? That was the only topic about which I could hold my own! Anywho, back to Fashion Week coverage.

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The Beauty Blog Network’s Response to the New York Times Article

Elke, founder of The Beauty Blog Network along with The Beauty Blog Network members and many other beauty bloggers respond to the New York Times latest article on beauty and the blog.

The Beauty Blog Network

Spoiled Pretty

Beauty and Fashion Tech

Sugar Shock

Life of a Ladybug

Bon Bons in the Bath

Jack & Hill


My inner French Girl

All About The Pretty

The Makeup Girl

Makeup Junkie

Beauty Banter

Jolie in NYC


The Beauty Addict

Tia Williams

15 Minute Beauty

A Girl’s Gotta Spa

Beauty Junkie in San Francisco

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Q&A: Follow Up Q Regarding Mascara and Concealer

Q: The other important question I should have asked, besides guessing at the product categories, was what items should I apply, and in what order. Like, do you always wear foudation, blush/cheek, liner, mascara, concealer, lip gloss? And: shadows. Always wear, sometimes wear, etc. Concealer? or just more of the foundation?
Thanks! You’re the BEST!
Beauty Wannabe

A: Unless I’m going to the gym or doing a “no makeup day” which includes VERY minimal makeup (just concealer, balm and mascara, BTW), I have a very specific product list. This is my everyday look, the one I rock to work and during the day on weekends. I rarely wear no makeup (unless I have a tan). Here’s my everyday list, in the right order. I usually don’t wear shadow unless I’m going out or if I have time.
Concealer (I apply at the beginning and a bit more at the end as well)
Tinted Moisturizer (I like Laura Mercier’s) or Foundation, depending on how my skin looks
Either a Blush Stick or a Bronzing Stick (sometimes a combo of both)
Pencil Liner on the top lashes only
Non-dramatic, but effective Mascara
Balm or Gloss

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Who are The Oceanic Six??

Thank the LORD that LOST is back on. I simply couldn’t live without it another day. BTW, the first thing you should do the morning after a new ep is aired is read Jeff Jenson’s article on it in Entertainment Weekly. The man is GOLDEN. He is a genius who gets every literary, cinematic and even scientific reference. He knows his stuff. He is the one who pointed out that Minkowski, the name of the guy on the other end of the phone in last season’s finale “no doubt, is a nod to Hermann Minkowski’s theory of four-dimensional space-time, which has inspired many Lost theories.” That’s impressive.

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Q&A: Bare Essentials for a Natural Look

Beauty Wannabe asks:
Q: Ok, Fabulista, I need specific advice! :)
I’m a relatively new reader, and have always liked to keep my makeup simple. I’m not in NY, but want to look with it, without always looking overdone. I love your reviews of various products. But I’m looking for the basics. What would your advice be to someone who needs to keep it simple: one or two liners, shadows, etc.

What are the must-haves? I have very fair skin, dark hair, and blue eyes.
cheek product?
liners? a gel liner?
lip – what 2 products are must haves?

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Wow, friends. January is FULL of highs and lows for me. First, I was BEYOND delighted to be featured in WWD’s top ten beauty blogs. That same day, I found out that a very good guy friend of mine from college / ex boyfriend hybrid was having a child out of wedlock with some girl he’s been seeing all of five minutes. It was weird news to say the least.

Today, I was unpleasantly surprised to learn what a certain NYT contributer thinks of beauty bloggers… but then later, I found out that I was nominated for a Lifestyle Award! Trendora, BTW, is a fabulous online designer shopping site based in Luxembourg. I’d like to thank whomever nominated me (you’re a doll!) and Romy and Michele for drawing my attention to the importance of using the word “lifestyle” incessantly and even replacing the word “life” with it regularly. “I mean, look at our LIFESTYLE. Look at the way we live.”–Michele.

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Kiehl’s Partners with New York Adorned to Create V Day Gift Set

Kiehl’s has partnered with a New York tattoo shop for Valentine’s Day. Their online and in-store customers will receive Kiehl’s temporary tattoos. Kiehl’s in-store customers can also customize their own lip gloss trios!

Kiehl’s has enlisted New York Adorned, the collective tattoo shop and jewelry store that’s right down the street from their New York flagship (Fabulista ADORES this Kiehl’s store… great samples, too), to design tattoo-inspired window and in-store displays to introduce Valentine’s Day and their new products. These images have been made into temporary tattoos, which will be passed out with every purchase for our customers to enjoy. The tattoos will also be included in every purchase on

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Beauty Blogs in the New York Times

Beauty blogs are in the news again, but this article is particularly scathing.

I don’t appreciate the writer of this article imperiously presuming we’re all “beauty whores.” And BTW, check out Christina‘s right-on retort.

Personally, I receive a lot of free products (the better to advise you with, my dear!) But anything I recommend on BBJ I actually use and like. And dolls, I still buy products. A lot of products. I started this blog because I adore BEAUTY and after spending anywhere from 10-15% of my money for the past 13 years on products, I appreciate every single freebie I get. Also, I spent over a year (15 months in fact) reviewing products I bought myself until I received my first free item. I started this blog without knowing that beauty bloggers even RECEIVED free stuff, nor the promise that I’d ever be the recipient of any “swag.”

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