Embrace Your Inner Lovie Howell

Confession: When it comes to packing, I’m way more Lovie Howell than Mary Ann. I have an enormous beauty products bag that hangs in which I pack everything non-makeup oriented for travel. My contact lens paraphernalia, toothbrush set, shampoo and conditioner, etc. I then bring an enormous bag full of makeup. When there’s a black tie event involved, I like to bring every single cosmetic I think I may possibly use in a world. As I mentioned before, more often than not, I need to include cosmetics for whoever is sharing my room. There’s always a “will you line my eyes?” moment. But to find all of my stuff in one bag is a nightmare.

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Smoky Eyes for Dummies

I’d venture to guess that EVERY beauty blogger and beauty editor winds up fielding dermatological questions and acting as a makeup artist SEVERAL times during her lifestyle. I lived with 6 other girls for 3 years while I was in college and every time we went out, at least 3 of them were huddled in my TINY room, waiting for a makeover with my extensive collection. Thus, we all looked exactly the same each year, depending on what look I was into at that time. There was the I Love Purple Eyeshadow with Red Clothing Period (1999-2000), the Britney Spears Period (2000-2001)and lastly, the Smoky Eyes Period (2002).

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The Beauty Ideal

Hey beauties!
Have you heard about The Beauty Ideal? The March issue was edited by my gal Marina who recruited me to contribute a mini feature. Check it out here. I discuss one of my favorite topics: how to create Gisele waves. The online magazine, created and managed by the fabulous Elke Von Freudenberg, is chock full of great beauty tips from my fellow beauty bloggers within the Beauty Blog Network.

In case you’re interested in doing some further Fabulista reading, I also contributed a to another online magazine called Poise. Here are three articles I wrote:

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LOST Analysis: BBJ is Your Beauty Constant.

Minkowski finally shows up… looking like HELL. Dude looks like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia.

In case you haven’t realized, I’m DEEPLY into Back to the Future II. I actually liked the sequel better than the original. Though it came out when I was 9, I went to see it opening day with my brother and his friend John. My brother bought his ticket. I bought my ticket. John tried to buy his ticket, but they were sold out. I’d bought the last one. I was all, “see you, John. Guess you’re catching the next show.” My brother insisted that I have my mom pick me up while he and JOHN saw the sequel I’d been waiting 4 years to see (at 9 years old, that was approximately half my life). I wound up seeing it a few days later, but know what? I mean, it’s been nearly twenty years. And I’m still pissed about it.

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Jenni Kayne Partners with Beauty.com to Create Cosmetic Case

Beauty.com has enlisted women’s wear designer Jenni Kayne to create a fashion-forward bag that doubles as a cosmetic case or fashionable clutch.

You’ll receive the limited edition designer bag filled with eleven deluxe product samples from top beauty brands with a purchase of $75 or more on the Beauty.com™ site.

The Jenni Kayne for Beauty.com bag offers a new spin on two strong seasonal trends: a sleek 6×12” clutch in a playful ethnic print. The bag contains deluxe samples valued at more than $100 from popular Beauty.com brands, including:

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Buy a Balm, Support the National MS Society

March 10-17 is National Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Week . So, to support the efforts of the NYC Chapter of the National MS society, theBalm has created a limited edition KISS MS GOODBYE version of their best-selling “Girly Girl” BalmShelter Gloss.

During the month of March, theBalm will donate 25% of proceeds from the sale of this shade- a wearable coral hue infused with SPF 17 and a delicious strawberry banana scent- to the cause.

theBalm KISS MS GOODBYE Limited Edition Lip Gloss will retail for $18 at www.theBalm.com.

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Go Backstage with Allure!

Tune in for the premiere of Allure Magazine’s new TV special, Allure Backstage: Hottest Beauty Trends (tonight on the Style Network at 9 p.m. EST), as editor-in-chief Linda Wells counts down this season’s top new hair and makeup trends, straight from the runways of New York, Milan, and Paris.

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New Web Address!

GREAT news! I have been TRYING to buy the domain www.beautybloggingjunkie.com for-EVAH and someone had purchased it (along with .info, .biz AND .net!). Whoever that is must have gotten rid of it, because my friend Andre just pointed out that it’s available and I bought that shit immed. I loathed the cumbersome former URL. Not only is the name of my blog ridic long, but adding the .blogspot.com was just excruciating. Be sure to update your links to http://beautybloggingjunkie.com. Yay!

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Shower Rotation: Samy Colorcare Shampoo and Terax Original Crema Ultra Moisturizing Daily Conditioner

The most whorish example of my promiscuous lack of brand loyalty is with shampoo and conditioner. I don’t use the same shampoo/condish combo for more than 3 uses in a row. I find that my hair works better when I switch it up VERY often. And, while I usually try one brand’s matching shampoo and conditioner at the same time, more often than not, I find that combining two different brands makes my hair look better. Samy and Terax are a phenom combo that I keep returning to.

I specifically enjoy how especially clean my hair feels after shampooing with Samy Colorcare Shampoo $6 after a couple nonwash days. When I wash my hair every other day, I try to use a more moisturizing shampoo, like Rene Furterer’s Karite. But if my hair’s accumulated any oil (which it does after about 3 days), I use something designed to protect color, but not necessarily moisturizing. This anti-fade formula is infused with Yucca and Ginger extracts, Horsetail, Panthenol, and Vitamins A, C, and E, to condition, strengthen and nourish hair without adding wax, residue or build-up. And the fresh scent is divine. It comes in the most darling purple bottle that in retrospect, should have been included in this list.

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Be a Dashing Diva

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, dolls! Mine was phenom. The highlight? On Saturday, Marina and I headed to Dashing Diva for a mani/pedi at their 3rd Avenue @ 15th Street location. This was my first DD experience AT the salon. Remember how much I enjoyed my DD experience at the Allure/Lifebooker.com party? Well the in-salon experience is ama. The Elle-Woods-Pink salon is a relaxation oasis that’s positively built for gossip, fun, and pampering. It even boasts a pedicure lounge that’s set up to maximize the bonding experience. No huge complicated chairs, just comfy benches trimmed with pretty throw pillows. The best part? On Thursday and Friday evenings they serve cosmos in the pedicure lounge. Is there a better combination than pedis and delish pink drinks? I can’t think of one.

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