Weekend Beauty Reads from the Beauty Blog Network!

Just in time! Here you go, dolls… the best reads of this week from the Beauty Blog Network.

Lilan from The Daily Cookie gets the low-down on Nordstrom Beauty Director Joelle Russo’s Dior must-haves for your makeup bag.

Raging Rouge is totally stumped about what to buy Dad, until she stumbles upon these perfect Father’s Day Gifts.

A Touch of Blusher‘s guest reviewer reports on the new Thierry Mugler makeup line.

The Beauty of Life bares it all with Bobbi Brown’s new Yogi Bare Lip Balm!

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Check Out "The Beauty Department," Lucky Magazine’s Beauty Blog

Lucky magazine’s beauty blog, “The Beauty Department,” has started linking to BBJ! I’m tres excited because I’ve been loving their blog since its inception. Jean, Cristina, Cat, and Dawn provide smart and hilarious daily beauty coverage. If you haven’t already, go on over there and check it out.

Click here to enter Total Beauty‘s contest to win a Saturn Vue Hybrid.

La Mer Donates $100,000 to Support Ocean Conservation

In celebration of La Mer’s sea heritage and dedication to preserving the beauty of the oceans, this month La Mer will donate $100,000 to Oceana to help fund global initiatives and support their mission of ocean conservation.

Oceana, the largest international ocean advocacy group. Oceana’s lead spokespeople include Ted Danson, Amber Valletta and Sam Waterston. With La Mer’s donation, Oceana will be able to increase research voyages on their Ketch catamaran, Ranger, and better patrol, document, and fight destruction of the ocean’s unique ecosystem.

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Summerfy Your Makeup Bag

Yes, you can use these items any time of year, but I find bright, colorful mascaras and dewey creme blushes and bronzers add a little something, especially in the summer. In fact, all three of these items have made their way into my packed-to-the-gills Bahamas bag.

Redpoint Airbrush Effects BlushWhip in Glow ($28) is hands down, THE BEST CREME BLUSH I’ve ever tried. Not to be dramatic? But it’s a gift. A GIFT. An HG blush. Its consistency, a creme-to-gel, hydrates and firms while imparting the most divine glow. Light diffusing pigments create a flawless looking complexion. Dermaxyl has been added to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Best of all? It’s very easy to blend. I LURVE this stuff.

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LOST Prediction from a Commenter on EW.com

Someone left this comment on Jeff Jensen’s EW article on the season finale and I think it’s a PHENOM prediction. It explains Penny’s people in the Arctic, the polar bears AND the polar bears in Tunisia.

“Here is what I think the season finale will reveal about the
‘On-Islanders.’ When Ben moves the island, it won’t be to a different
time, as you have speculated, but to a different place, one very far
from the South Pacific: the Arctic! I am thinking that the Orchid
Station controls the location of the Island, that it has moved before,
and that it has been in the Arctic – hence the polar bears. Also, if the
current island moves to the Arctic, it would explain why flash-forward
Ben was wearing a parka, and may be why Penny’s people were looking for
Desmond in the Arctic. Plus, what a season-ender it would be to have Ben
push some buttons and suddenly the island is covered in snow!”

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Weekly Phenom List

Things I’m CRA for this week:

A dropper full of dr. brandt’s anti-oxidant water booster in blueberry ($35) is equal to 15 cups of green tea, minus the caffeine. I’ve been splashing 1/4 droppers into my boring tap water at work and it’s MUCH more tasty. Since the subprime mortage crisis hit, I’ve eliminated my costly “bottled water only” at work habit. This stuff makes my water taste delish – although it does cause a strange residue at the bottom of the cup. But it washes out pretty easily. The best part? It encourages younger-looking skin. Try it out.

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Hairadise Week: Redken Body-Full Carbo Bodifier

Are you ready for the final product of Hairadise Week? Wait no more, dolls. Redken Body-Full Carbo Bodifier ($16) delivers the goods.
I used it last night and was delighted to find that with a round brush, some serum and a blow-dryer, it produced Valley of the Dolls hair. Only an HG product can do that.

It’s a liquid that becomes a foam to boost hair with a dose of thickening carbs. Sounds scary for your girlish figure… but PHENOM for your coif. It’s formulated with Redken’s exclusive Interbond Conditioning System and Anti-Gravity Complex for lasting volume, strength and weight-free conditioning.

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June Jacobs’ Cooling and Soothing Masque

This masque ($56) is perfect for a Friday when you’d rather eat broken glass than go out. You know those nights? It’s been a long week, Mean Girls is on TBS and you’re totally spent? My friend Lauren declares those evenings “Beauty Shabbot (or Sabbath, if you will)” and it’s a term I think you need to start using, stat. Beauty Shabbot is my fave time for a masque. This one smells just like lemon meringue pie and is paraben and preservative free. It’s enriched with soothing botanicals and age-fighting anti-oxidants.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Three Colognes

These three colognes have been vetted by my male testing team and have been declared perf for Dad’s Day:

LACOSTE Essential Collector’s Edition ($65) is fresh and modern. On application, it yields a burst of green, derived from the scent of tomato leaves. The dry-down is notes of citrus, fruit and water. At its heart is a masculine floral accord tempered with black pepper for spiciness.

Hugo Boss Pure Eau de Toilette ($50)was inspired by the idea of a man becoming one with water. The scent includes fizzy Mediterranean citrus with juicy fruit notes, fig water, and water accord. The heart of the fragrance is notes of lily and hyacinth with base notes of pure wood – massoia- for a woody, creamy scent for added masculinity.

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Win One of the 8,000 Fashion or Beauty Items Teen Vogue is Giving Away

Teen Vogue’s summer Win It! sweepstakes campaign has commenced! They’re giving away more than 8,000 of this season’s hottest items featured in the June/July issue.

There are tons of clothes, accessories, gadgets and other
summer goodies
(from this month’s cover girl Hayden Panettiere’s Jill Stuart dress to
Jonas Brothers concert tickets!) up for grabs every day in June at

Enter by completing an online entry form for the item you want at the
allotted time slot (Eastern Time) at teenvogue.com/go/winit . You can also
text “WINIT” to TVOGUE (886483) to get daily phone reminders for a preview
of what and when you can win.

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