Hairadise Week: Shu Me.

Hair obsessives rejoiced about Shu Uemura’s new line for hair that debuted this year. My fave of late is their Satin Design White Tea Polishing Milk, $30 (second in from the right). My hair GLEAMS. I’ll just say it. It’s never looked better. AND I’m four months out from a haircut (January 25 was my last one.) I apply a quarter-sized dollop from my ears down to the ends of my hair after letting my hair dry in a super-thirsty Aquis towel for about 20 minutes. Then, I blow-dry with my round Marilyn tuxedo brush and my T3 Evolution. This creamy lotion polishes my hair with a glosstrous finish. I (and others) can’t keep the hands out of it.

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Hairadise Week: Cute Corkscrew Curl Catalysts

What a week we have to look forward to! In addition to Hairadise Week, Thursday will be the culmination of all things phenom in this beauty junkie’s world: the LOST two hour season finale AND the Sex and the City movie (at midnight). In honor of my favorite SATC episode, “Ex and the City” (the finale of the second season), I ask you to recall this scene (my favorite scene of any show, ever):

What is so criminal is that I almost MISSED this episode. Can you even? I was studying abroad in France when it aired… and I’d thought I’d caught every ep that I’d missed, but this VERY crucial one slipped through the cracks. My friend Erika told me what’s what and insisted I watch and to this day, it somewhat defines my lifestyle. I don’t know what I did without it.

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#1 Lip Gloss in the Rotation: Clinique Superbalm in Lilac

Girls, I’ve done you wrong. I’ve been raving in person so much about Clinique Superbalm ($13.50) that I actually convinced myself (wrongly) that I’d written about it. It’s the #1 gloss in my rotation at the moment. In fact, I’m nearly out of it. It’s non-sticky, moisturizing and long-lasting. It comes in eight colors, but as Daneen pointed out, you really only need it in Lilac, a for-everyone mauvey pink. I hereby award it HG status.

Stay tuned for Hairadise Week, coming shortly!

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Show Off Silken Skin with Sally B’s Organic Sugar Scrub

If you’re baring any shoulders, knees, or feet post Mem Day Weekend, I implore you to try out Sally B’s Organic Sugar Scrub in Chamomile Neroil. The scent is subtle yet DIVINE – to me, it’s kind of honeysuckle-ish. Totes apropos for summer. This scrub in particular is the perfect balance of oil and sugar. In the tub, it looks like a SCRUB – no messy liquidy stuff at the top. But on skin, it emulsifies slightly to moisturize with just a smidge of Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter. Enough that you don’t need to moisturize post-shower, but not so much that you’re perilously slicking up your bathroom floor. My skin positively GLEAMED afterward. And you can feel uber-virtuous because it’s organic.
Best of all? All the ingredients are pronounceable: Sugar, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil. Get some, stat.

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MAC Tendertones Collection

The point between love and lust is this succulent, tender, and eat-me as all bon-bon-tinted lip balm. Six new, four popular bring-backs. All of them sheer, satiny, sun-protective and moisturizing. Some richly tinted to provide summer’s deepest sexiest stain. Others deliciously and lightly cotton candy.

Delicately strawberry-kiwi-flavored.

Tendertones Lip Balm SPF12

Tread Gently: Soft lime green with yellow pearl
E-Z Baby: Sheer milky pink
Honey Bare: Rosy blue pink with white and gold pearl
Hot n’ Saucy: Soft cherry red
Sweet & Nice: Sheer red grape with red pearl
Take A Hint: Sheer peach with white pearl
Hush, Hush: Sheer gold with yellow gold pearl
Sweet Tooth: Sheer coral with white pearl
Pucker: Sheer berry with red pearl
Deep Sigh: Sheer grape brown with red pearl

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MAC Cool Heat Collection

Temperatures sizzle…but the perfect balance lies within reach. Cool Heat. Not an oxymoron: summer’s chillest look. Five Slimshine lipsticks, seven eye shadows, and two skin-cooling fragrances: Summer’s favorite Turquatic, and introducing its sister shade, Turquatic heat. Some looks are too hot for summer to handle but not Cool Heat. For this time of year, it feels just right.

Slimshine Lipstick

Tropic Glow: Blue pink with silver pearl (frost)
By Degrees: Neutral brown pink (frost)
Gentle Summer: Light clean yellow pink with white pearl (frost)
High 90’s: Clean pink orange (frost)
Swelter: Sheer clean red (frost)
Suggested Retail Price: $14.50

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Weekend Beauty Reads From the Beauty Blog Network

Raging Rouge gets tips and tricks for Spring makeup application from stylist Jenny Smith of NARS Cosmetics.

Need a new hair brush? Cybelesays is loving the new paddle one from Metropolis.

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Fun Gift for Your Friend with the Fab Beach House

Want to ensure more weekend invites? Be a good guest and bring your hostess the new surfer girl set from philosophy, $34. Each product is infused with the tropical scent of kiwi papaya and a touch of gold shimmer for a beachy-vacay feel. The set includes Exfoliating Shower Gel, Shimmer Body Lotion, and Surfer Girl Lip Shine. Perfect for Mem Day Weekend, no?

Sold exclusively at Sephora and

Click here to enter Total Beauty’s contest to win a Saturn Vue Hybrid.

Whore Drawer Fodder: L’Oreal Telescopic Precision Liquid Eyeliner

I have to credit my friend Lauren with the concept of a “whore drawer.” It’s a drawer you keep in your office at work stocked with cute outfits for post-work drinks/events that you can’t wear in your conservative business/business casual environment. My “whore drawer” boasts an impressive makeup collection, a perfume or two, a couple of outfits, and various and sundry body lotions. My most recent addition is L’Oreal’s Telescopic Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black, $9.

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