Givenchy’s Phenomen’Eyes!

I’m intrigued by this one, girls. Mascaras have been the target of much innovation of late: Spin Lash, Estee Lauder and Lancome have come out with vibrating wands, and now Givenchy announces their take on the situation. Phenomen’Eyes has reinvented the mascara wand by creating a ball-like, rounded applicator. While women have long accepted that mascara wands had to be straight or slightly curved sticks, Givenchy’s beauty engineers dare to see the new world of mascara as round. Individual eyelashes are round in circumference, but current mascaras are flat. Their stiff, pointed brushes must be maneuvered around the lashes in order to coat their entire dimensions from roots to tips—until now.

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BBJ Receives a Brillante Award!

Yay! I’d like to thank the academy and Fashion Binge (for nominating me) for this award! The girls at FB (Fashion Binge, not Facebook, although I manage to log on to the former just as much as the latter) are hilariously spot-on with their fashion (and sometimes beauty!) commentary. Tamron’s adorable cat Rory sometimes makes a cameo in her posts as he enjoys smelling anything new that comes into her apartment.

Here’s the Premio Award rules, for those of you into rules:
The rules for passing on the award:
1) When received, you may post the premio to your blog.
2) Link to the blogger you received it from.
3) Give it to 7 blogs
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Glow-y Days Week: Kiehls Sun Free Self Self Tanning Formula

Hi, gals! Welcome to Glow-y Days Week, where I finally tell you all about self-tanners I’ve been trying about all summer! I’ve gotten so into it that I’m rarely sans tan (au naturel). In fact, when I last saw my brother in Philly over July 4th weekend, he remarked that I was looking much like a Friends character of late as a result of my contsta-tan. Hilar. Without further ado, here’s the first self-tanner of Glow-y Days Week!

Kiehls Sun Free Self Tanning Formula ($22.50): Here’s why I LOVE this product: there’s NO horrendous DHA smell. Its moisturizing formula is great for sensitive skin and absorbs instantly so you can spend your time doing something other than standing in front of the air conditioning for a good half hour. Imparts a medium, golden tan. Using it two days in a row causes me to venture slightly into orange territory – I’d apply every other day at most. Kiehls says it’s okay to use this on both face and body, but I stick just to body and use something else on my face as it contains apricot kernal oil. Phenom for my bod, not so phenom for pores. Also includes cocoa butter and Vitamin E. Best of all? Color is activated within an hour of application.

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Weekend Reads from the Beauty Blog Network

The Makeup Divas reviews and tells you about a new lip gloss innovation by Cover Girl.

Shades Of U shares swatches and a review on mineralize blushes from the MAC Sonic Chic collection.

A Touch of Blusher takes you beauty-shopping in Tokyo.

Musings of a Muse shares the a review of Lancome Maharani Jewels Fall Collection featuring the gorgeous Elephant Bronzer.

Cybelesays introduces the new Fall 2008 Collection from Urban Decay. Check it out here.

Beauty Anonymous shares her thoughts on MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder.

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Holy Grail Concealer: Benefit Erase Paste

Beyond the beyond, gals. Benefit’s Erase Paste pretty much eliminates the need for any foundation. You just dab on a bit under eyes and on blemishes or dark spots and you’re off! It’s designed to cover what you want to hide without that cakey I’m-totes-rocking-makeup look. Its formula brightens and distributes light differently – don’t think about being paparazzi’d without it.

My one gripe is that I wish the jar were a bit wider. It comes with a spatula with which to scoop out the paste, but I simply can’t keep track of extra concealer paraphernalia and wind up just sticking my nuckle into it, scraping it onto the back of my hand and dipping a fingertip into the erase paste puddle I’ve created and going from there. It’s a bit pricey at $26, but a little goes a LONG way. Comes in three brightening shades. The packaging is vanity-table-top worthy, just like all Benefit products. Apply with a bit of Posie Tint on cheeks and lips and pretend you’re just naturally that gorge.

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Sephora’s 10th Anniversary Party

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos, but I must share as there is nothing I can think of that’s more beauty-related than Sephora turning 10. So I (somehow) scored an invite to last night’s über chic affair held at a Lower East Side venue, complete with red carpet. Side note: I’ve attended two red carpet events THIS WEEK – who do I think I AM? I didn’t see many celebs this time, just Dina Lohan whom Carol Shaw, founder of LORAC Cosmetics was able to spot from very far away. She’s a pro. Carol and her account exec were super fun, BTW. They entertained me utterly while we schvitzed for a few minutes in line. Stay tuned for some upcoming LORAC reviews.

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Total Beauty Web Tour

The best of Total Beauty members’ posts this week!

Musings of a Muse shares the a review of Lancome Maharani Jewels Fall Collection featuring the gorgeous Elephant Bronzer.

Monique at Beauty Girl Musings has no visible cellulite…find out how she tested a cellulite-reducing gel and saw results!

Viva Woman finds out if the new Canmake Concealer Founder UV can really provide that natural finish, for skin that looks beautiful, even at point-blank range.

Get Twisted with a free giveaway at Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog and win a FUNKY Twisted Silver bracelet and FUNKY pair of Twisted Silver earrings.

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