Bombshell Curls How To

I've discussed this before, but I've gotten requests for info from a few readers on how to achieve big waves a la Kate. My friend C actually thought that mine were NATURAL. Ha! Pretty much not one thing about my appearance is naturally achieved. I don't mean that in a plastic surgery way (I have yet to delve into that arena), I just mean that every single look I rock is the result of SEVERAL prods, and usually some heat tools. Here's my tried and tested regime (which has been an evolving process Continue Reading [...]

Boost Your Tan

As previously mentioned, I'm not dark, I'm LIGHT. Therefore, once I finally catch a tan, I want to KEEP it. But you know how opposed I am to powder and its aging properties. I'm SO making an exception for Guerlain's Tan Booster. It took me this long to try it out (received it from Julia in March) because I plum didn't understand how a powder could maintain your tan. And was it a bronzer? I was so CONFUSED. Lo and behold, I waited until I had a legitimate tan (thank you, Jersey Shore) and applied Continue Reading [...]

"I am a Dentist, I’m Not Rambo."

Flash-Forward me to FEBRUARY. I'm still reeling over the finale or piece de resistance, if you will, of LOST. Yours truly watched it in a bar in the East Village where free shots of jungle juice are served when anyone mentions "the others" and free drinks are distributed when someone dies. What's better than that? Not one thing. The introduction of flashforwards kept me up at night in a good way. My precious Jack is NOT in a good place, friends. This upsets the fabulista to the ENDTH degree. Continue Reading [...]

You Don’t Have a Beauty Blog if You’re not the Least Bit Shallow.

Just saying. I think this article in Time is so true, it HURTS. On one hand, it's nice to know that love (in some instances) really is blind. In others, of course, it's also deaf and dumb. Is it the dark bar theory? For those of you who don't know, that's when a good looking, nice guy meets a fug girl in a bar, but it's too dark to tell until they're out on a date and by that point, he feels bad breaking it off. Can someone PUH-LEASE explain interfacial relationships to me? Because I plum don't Continue Reading [...]

Notable Happenings of the Weekend

I had a VERY adolescent-style weekend. I became unreasonably addicted to my brother's new Nintendo DS. What game? NINTENDOGS. It's the game where you get a simulated pet puppy and you pet it, take it for walks, buy it things and feed it. It sounds ridiculous, right? I mean, you turn the game on and you're alerted to the status of your puppy (my brother's is a lovely golden retriever puppy named Buddy), whether he's hungry, thirsty, needs to go for a walk, etc. And then you do the appropriate Continue Reading [...]

The Company Store

I mean, it's Friday, it's May, yet it's 50 degrees outside. What better way to improve my mood than to skip on down to the Company Store? I purchased Grassroots In Perfect Condition Deeply Moisturizing Shampoo (hoping to repair my steel wool-textured mess of a mane) and some MAC Fluidline in a festive black shade with golden shimmer infused throughout called "Blitz and Glitz". Fun but weird bonus: I opened the jar to check out the color and found that it smells like chocolate! What's more fun Continue Reading [...]

Problem Salved.

It just entered my life a week ago, but already I think I'd have a Napoleon Dynamite "can I borrow your guys's phone" situ on my hands if I left my Boscia Jujube Salve Stick at home. It's The Business, I'll just say it. It multitasks like a dream employee. Already, I've used it to moisturize my lips, to tame my brows, and to calm raggedy cuticles. As it doesn't gloss your lips too much, it's perf under lipstick (or gloss, if you're so inclined) or before bed. For serious soft lips, exfoliate Continue Reading [...]

I Self-Tan, Therefore I am

Rodial Instant Glow Self Tan Gel is the newest gem in my arsenal. I was previously hooked on Lancome's Flash Bronzer Airbrush Self Tan Spray… but not anymore. While the stuff makes you a gorgeous, deep bronze… it smells like HELL. Like you just dived into a vat of quarters Scrooge McDuck-style. Rodial, on the other hand, is tinted when you apply (making for fewer streaks after it develops in 2-4 hours) and smells like a caramel DREAM. Seriously. When I heard it smelled good, my reaction was reminiscent Continue Reading [...]


First of all, who is Richard's plastic surgeon slash witchdoctor? Sign me UP. Guy looks amazing and is apparantly, at least 70 years old. Maybe he's drinking from some kind of Otherville Fountain of Youth? You know, like that villain in the Huggabunch movie? I mean, I wouldn’t put it past him. The dude wears eyeliner. Just saying. PS for years following my viewing of the Huggabunch movie, I swore I could travel through my mirror. Lots of bruising ensued.Oz references were ALL over Ben's Continue Reading [...]

Real World/Road Rules Challenge

I've never felt more 27 in my LIFE (P.S., I'm still 26 until June, but you know. I like to prepare myself) as I did last night. Friends, I am OVER Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I turned on The Inferno 3 last night, thinking, GREAT! And then, I was all... who's that? And that? I don't care. What's everyone doing? Seriously. I mean, once I insisted that I guy with whom I was on a good first date take me to his apartment immediately because it was almost 10pm (the 10 spot) and I was in danger Continue Reading [...]