80s Ladies Week: iGel, but Only in my Dreams

Picture it: 1987. I have one idol and her name is DEBBIE GIBSON. Enjoy my fave song of hers, if you will:

The summer this was the it song, I was at Spring House Day Camp in suburban PA. The first time I heard it, I was at this weekend sleepover where we were supposed to play SPIN THE BOTTLE. I was seven at the time, and totally and utterly scared to kiss a boy (wouldn’t you be at seven? This camp was mildly fachachta, to say the least.) I distinctly remember telling my counselor that I wasn’t down with kissing the boys right this MINUTE, but I was so very down with allowing her to swipe me down with some lipstick (which she was applying for all of us, pre-boy kissing.) Even at seven, even at CAMP, I still wanted in on the makeup.

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Mariah on the Cover of ELLE

I’m not typically Mariah fan (although I have always thought her voice is phenomenal ESPESH in the “Vision of Love” days.) But I have to admit, Mariah’s looking pretty fab lately with her toned divalicious bod and her Nick Cannon arm candy. “When I was in an unhappy place In my life,” Carey says of her past, “I always wanted to be kidnapped. I just wanted a way out, but I didn’t have one.” Ten years after her split with [Tommy] Mottola, handsome young prince Nick Cannon has come to the rescue. “He sort of kidnapped me and took me on a helicopter ride. Then he re-proposed.” The August issue of ELLE features a Mariah Carey cover story, where she discusses her new album, her banging new body and, of course, her adorable young husband Nick Cannon–who happens to appear in the editorial, with Mimi.

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ELF Partners with The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

You guys. I LOVED the first Traveling Pants movie and have plans to see the second with Jamie on opening day. I am 13 on the inside.

Anyway, ELF is supporting the movie in two fun ways:

1. ELF has created two SISTERHOOD KITS. Now, friends, and sisters, can share a gloss (or two or three or four) wherever their journey may lead. On the left, is a six gloss set complete with professional makeup artist train case priced at $15 and on the right are six wearable shades complete with a free mesh sack for easy carrying!

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T3 Promotion: Buy Boost or Plump; Get the Other FREE

Great news, gals! Buy Boost or Plump online at t3micro.com/julydeals/ and get the other FREE (a $38 savings!). T3 is also doing a special with their new ColorLock Pressing Spray, which is designed to lock and seal in color to prevent color fading and improve the condition of color-treated hair.

Also? There is a section to check out some of my FAVORITE hair guru, Orlando Pita‘s tips and tricks. You’re welcome.

Photo credit: t3micro.com

Carol’s Column: A Hair Odyssey

By Carol (my mother)

I hesitate to write about my hair. Thin, fine, wavy/curly with a tendency to frizz, it has always been my nemesis. It seems to have a maddening mind of its own – in a contrarian way. For example, at a major social event, it will inevitably look only so-so at best. Lolling home alone, however, it can be suddenly, bafflingly, spectacular. The spectacular, of course, is relative and depressingly brief.

Astrologically, I am mane-less in Leo, a catastrophe for a lioness’s pride. Just when I think my hair’s okay, I can walk down a street and a mere breeze will flatten and undo it. Watching other women walk by, perfectly coiffed and serenely confident in their tresses, my heart starts to sink. Why cannot I, a mature woman, get it together ? Channeling Nora Ephron, I am forced to declare, I feel bad about my hair.

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80s Ladies Week: Enchantmint Under the Sea Dance

The inspiration: The Enchantment Under the Sea dance in Back to the Future (both I and II.) The crazy high school sparkly streamers, the cool blue and green decor. Can’t you just HEAR Marvin Berry (cousin of Chuck, natch) singing Earth Angel in the background as Marty McFly furiously attempts to strum his guitar only to find that his hand is DISAPPEARING?

The product: Flirt! The Look of Love Eyeliner in Enchantmint. This pencil’s creamy formula is, in the words of Lorraine McFly, a dream. I love to use it just on the bottom lashes for a fun, shimmery burst of color for summer. It’s mildly 80s, but you and I both know that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What are you waiting for? You know this little jewel is your eyeliner density. Get your damn hands on it here for $10.

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MAC Sonic Chic Collection

SONIC CHIC | Mineralize Blush to break the style barrier: Screamingly chic, but soft, sheer, lightweight. Build continuous colour in superfine pearl with a soft shimmer. Enhance cheekbones, create planes and contours with the greatest of ease, in breakthrough baked particles applied with a quick, dome-tipped buffer brush. The fastest route to perfection yet is Ultra-Sonic.

This collection of Mineralize Blush is reminiscent of an end of summer sunset: warm, soft, shimmering shades of pink, gold and bronze that take you right into fall without skipping a step. The baked powder formula allows for exceptionally sheer and lightweight application. It builds colour without heavy coverage. Super-fine provides soft shimmer on skin. The blush enhances and veils the cheekbones for a luminous complexion. Can be worn on face, eyes and/or body. Use with the 181 Buffer Brush for flawless blending, even colour. Everyday-efficient, travel-size small, it’s built for speed.

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MAC New View Collection

NEW VIEW | Natural and Shimmer. The split personality of powder now, in New View combinations with superfine seracite and talc base to sheerly and subtly perfect skin with dimensionality and mineralized starshine. The planes of the face, the contours of the body, made dazzling with a one-two sweep. Mineralize Skinfinish duos are state-of-the-art simplicity, high-resolution finish.

Unlike most powders that are pressed into traditional metal pans, Mineralize Skinfinish is moulded onto small round terracotta tiles and carefully baked for 24 hours, allowing for an exceptionally sheer and light application. The Natural portion of the duo will provide a dimensional yet natural matte-finish, while the shimmer portion will add buffed-up highlights to cheeks and brows, or an overall ultra-deluxe polish to the face. This unique powder contains vitamin A and E derivatives, which help buffer the skin from environmental aggression and jojoba oil, which calms and soothes the skin. This product can be used on face or body and is appropriate for all skin types. Dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested. Use with the 189 Face Brush. With its rounded paddle and chiselled edges, it’s perfect for precise blending and sculpting.

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MAC Electroflash Collection

ELECTRO FLASH | Short-circuit expectations. X-ray vision means you see ahead of the rest. Electricity is our most precious resource…everybody, electrified! Light up this world, and the next!

MAC Electroflash Lipsticks
* Vanity’s Child Sheer pale beige with pearl (Lustre)
* Fast Thrill Frosty clean mid-tone pink with pearl (Frost)
* Mellow Mood Glossy mid-tone dirty pink with pearl (Lustre)
* Dangerously Hot Creamy deep brown red (Amplified)

MAC Electroflash Lipglasses
* Cultureclash Frosty clear baby pink with multi-dimensional pearl (Frost)
* Major Minor Frosty mid-tone beige with multi-dimensional pearl (Frost)
* Sonic Vibe Frosty mid-tone pink with multi-dimensional pearl (Frost)
* Li’ Hot Pepper Frosty burnt red with multi-dimensional pearl (Frost)

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