Ramon News and Orange Mentha Lip Shine

It's not a good week again, friends. I got a call from Ramon's vet yesterday and she outlined all the numerous things causing his sickness... everything from kidney problems, to possible cancer, to fluid in his abdomen, to heart disease, to extensive liver damage, which caused the other illnesses. She told me they could do several invasive surgeries/tests to find out what's wrong with him. He'd have needed at least $10,000 worth of medical treatments/surgeries/tests/biopsies and even if we medicated Continue Reading [...]

Win $300 at eLuxury!

Lauren from Ask Fashion Kitty, Style Dash and ThisNext (Lauren is busy, n'est-ce pas?) is giving you a chance at winning a $300 gift card from eLuxury.com through a contest she's running on ThisNext. The contest is simple: Each recommendation you make on ThisNext tagged "lux" will count as one entry in our random drawing. The hardest part will be figuring out what to buy with your gift card ... Good luck! Continue Reading [...]

Beauty on a SERIOUS Budget

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces." Tell me in the comments what movie this quote is from AND the author from whom "It is a truth universally acknowledged" is cribbed.Anyway, that's what's happening in my lifestyle. Work is going okay as my responsibilities have changed and are more in line with my skills and interests. Yay for that. Unfortunately, several other areas are not going so well. My friend Continue Reading [...]

"Peelin’" Fine: Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel

TGIF. Longest week in HIST. So I was recently introduced to online beauty retailer Kaia House, and am impressed with their philosophy (from their website):Unlike most traditional beauty stores, we believe in bringing only the best of each brand to our customers and only carry products that are both Safe and Effective, as well as Animal and Environmentally friendly. Your health and well-being is a serious matter, and for this reason, we consult the internationally recognized Environmental Working Continue Reading [...]

Allure Giveaway

Starting this Saturday, you can enter to win holiday gifts from Allure's Wish List including acollection of Gucci Westman's 36 favorite Lancôme products, alimited-edition Estee Lauder compact, Rescue Beauty's set of dark polishes,a Dior I Love Dior lip palette, and 10 other gifts worth more than $3,600.Good luck!Photo credit: allure.com Continue Reading [...]

To Do: Visit Space NK apothecary

I'm just not in the MOOD today, you know? I'm on this really annoying "red carpet ready" diet this week for this black tie event I'm going to on Saturday and the fact that all I want to do is eat fries is really coloring my entire disposition. This week has been super busy at work followed by super busy night plans as well (all super-fun, obv, but tiring just the same. You know). Last night was no exception, I was invited to a champagne event with mini facials and makeovers at Space NK Apothecary Continue Reading [...]

Win a Lancome Gloss!

Melissa is hosting a faboo contest on her blog. Just tell her in the comments section what your favorite Young Adult literature topics are (fashion, love, fantasy, sci fi, siblings, friends...?). She'll reward one lucky commenter (chosen at random from a hat, of course) with Lancome's Color Fever Gloss in "Seductive." The packaging looks like the image on the bottom, and the color looks like the swipe. Good luck! Continue Reading [...]

Color Intrigue Eyeliner in Umber

In life, three things are certain: death, taxes, and the ongoing search for a good maroon-brown eyeliner. I used to love MAC's shadow in embark, until I realized the staying power of a shadow just isn't good enough. I don't reapply makeup throughout the day other than lipstick/gloss. Then, I tried out Elizabeth Arden's Color Intrigue Eyeliner in Umber, and am ENAMORED with it. In French, intrigue means plot, and you'll surely be the leading lady of yours rocking this retractable, vitamin-enriched Continue Reading [...]

Pour Some Sugar on Me Week Concludes: Klean Bath + Body Pink Grapefruit-Vanilla Body Polish

I'm out of touch, you're out of touch! Great song, n'est-ce pas? Also, did you like how Pour Some Sugar on Me Week seemingly ended abruptly on day 4 with no conclusion? When I'm at my parents' house, I have no TIME to do anything, even though I'm mostly doing nothing. It's a really weird dynamic. Lots of turkey was consumed, lots of shopping was achieved. Hope your Thanksgiving was everything you thought it would be and MORE. So a full five days later, I'm back with the final body scrub for Continue Reading [...]