BREAKING NEWS: I just learned of these a second ago. What a phenom idea! They eliminate all contact with sales people so customers are no longer prey to product pusher persuasion. And by customers, I mean me. Anyone have any info? Are they only in malls? I'd WAY rather purchase some gorgeous gloss rather than a bag of M&Ms from a vending machine. Genius, genius, genius. Continue Reading [...]


Above: Orlando styling a model's hair.Guys, today was one of the best days of my LIFESTYLE. You KNOW how I feel about Orlando Pita. Check out number 73 on this list. Tonight, it HAPPENED. Tragically, I had no event to attend as I had to do some freelance work and there weren't any good plans going on this eve. I know, it's really sad. I mean, if I were in a semi-serious relash with a dude... I'd have considered eloping tonight just because Orlando Pita had styled my hair - and I'm so not that Continue Reading [...]

"Her Name was Lola!"

"She was a showgirl..."There are so many songs with "Lola" in them that have to be integrated into my blog titles when I discuss Lola cosmetics, which I adore for so many reasons. The packaging is sublime, they offer unique, useful items and the NAMES of the products cannot be topped. Case in point: Lola's Creme Blush Stick in Marseilles. The other two options are named St. Tropez and Monte Carlo. Okay? What's better than that? Now I've lauded this fantastic NON-POWDER (you know I'm anti) creme Continue Reading [...]

DIYDS Pedicure Item of the Week: Orly See Yah

As you know, I'm very into DIY (or DIM/YDS - Do it My/Your Damn Self) lately. I learned of Orly's Divorcee collection and was totally into both the collection name itself and the names of the polishes it comprises, namely One Night Stand, Pawn the Ring, and Take him to the Cleaners. The last title is so reminiscent of Dynasty, I can practically SEE Joan Collins in my midst, screaming, "No one takes me to the cleaners AND to bed in the same night". Anywho, I had the opportunity to try out See Yah, Continue Reading [...]

Kiss off, Lip Flakes.

Is there ANYTHING more annoying than being duped by Time Warner Cable's guide that indicates the movie Center Stage is on (LOVE that med student that Mia City Maureen dates), when in reality it's some sports show called CenterStage? You'd think I'd stop falling for it and being disappointed EVERY time. Oh, wait. I know something more annoying. Flaky gross dry skin all over my LIPS caused by this wintry mix we in NYC have been experiencing the past week. I combat it with Be Fine Lip Exfoliator Continue Reading [...]

Guest Blogger Vicky Zhou Gives 10 Beauty Tips for the First Date

by Vicky Zhou10 Beauty Tips For The First DateLooking good on your first date is important because first impressions matter. Regardless of what you may have heard before, people do formulate an opinion of you when they first see you and it's no secret that attractiveness will factor in.Luckily, you don't need to be the next Miss America to get a positive reaction, you just need to learn to emphasize the good qualities you have.Here are some points to consider.Emphasize One Key Area On The FaceFar Continue Reading [...]

For your Weekend Entertainment, Enjoy the Week’s Splendid Reads from Splendicity

From Splendicity - the destination for splendid style, come the splendid best post of the week.BEAUTYShades Of U announces the Grand Prize Winner of its Holiday Look Contest.Snarkstress wonders if "The Katie" will soon sweep the nation.A Touch of Blusher brings you some exciting spring 2008 makeup collections.Kyle at Face Candy tries out Senna loves me is giving away two prescriptives limited edition illuminators!eBeautyDaily is touting the benefits of a tourmaline hair dryer from Continue Reading [...]

Workweek Lips Get a Surge of Color

So more to recommend from the Nicola bag of delight: Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss - True Color in Surge. This warm cinnamony-nude color is rich in pigment and delivers an almost plasticy (in a good way) shine. Includes Vitamin E and sunflower seed oil to nourish. My lips feel moisturized (a welcome change taking into account the hellacious weather we've had of late) and are treading the line between sexy and profesh. I love to tread that line. Can I just say that I'm SO glad Chris March is back Continue Reading [...]

Beauty on a Serious Budget: SpaSensials Socks

This post is dedicated to my friend Erika, who was recently complaining that her formerly soft feet are no longer post-pregnancy. I was sort of dubious that these socks were even a good idea when I first heard about them. Slipping my feet into ALREADY MOIST socks? That sounded utterly vile to me. On occasion, I'll use some Aquaphor or a foot creme on my feet before slipping on cotton socks and pad around my apartment. But disposable moist socks... let's just say my expectations were low. Here Continue Reading [...]