Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Randall Pearson Of ‘This Is Us’

Sparkle, Neely, sparkle: This is the 2018 R18 Holiday Gift Guide. For more gift ideas, click here.

The Randall in your life is an overachiever who’s there for you in a pinch, but most importantly, clean-pressed and dressed to impressed. Here’s what to gift him for the holidays.  

Ovo Travel Iron & Steamer ($50)

This iron is both a standard iron and a steamer, but most vitally, it travels super well, folding down to nearly nothing. Get one for you or your friend on the go. 

Aerogarden Harvest Slim Countertop Garden ($130)

The Randall in your life already has a garden (of course) but he’ll appreciate having an easily accessible mini one that can live on his kitchen counter, even without access to light (it brings its own). From growing herbs with which to garnish cocktails to incorporating fresh basil into that homemade tomato sauce, this tiny fresh herb patch has made my life and my cooking about 38% better. And it’s on sale. 

Hello Naughty Meets Nice Set ($15)

An excellent stocking stuffer, this sulfate-free oral care combo features a charcoal-infused toothpaste, mouthwash, and a chic toothbrush. Activated charcoal is a natural whitener and detoxifier that’s good for the whole fam. 

Stay tuned for more gift guide installments. 

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