The Case For Natural Deo

Basically, the answer is “the ones that don’t lead to definite, unequivocal B.O.” Natural deo is all the rage right now and with good reason: aluminum in deodorants has been linked to cancer, specifically breast cancer. After reading that doctors tell cancer patients to stop using any and all chemical deodorants, I decided to give a few natural deos a shot. Many are plum awful. I’m also not into spooning something onto my pits as if I were icing a cake every day.

However, these three are standouts; they keep me smell-free, wetness-free, and as long as I’m not running miles in uber-hot weather, they work astoundingly well. I typically rotate in a chemical deodorant (old habits die hard) 1-2 times a week, but the fact that these gems have kept me off the sauce for the most part is a feat in and of itself.

Schmidt’s Naturals

This is my favorite of the lot; it smells divine, feels like a regular deo experience for the most part, and is my go-to for gym days or hot weather (even if it’s not for working out IN hot weather). The bergamot + lime iteration smells divine and keeps me fresh.


Nourish Organic Deodorant

The scents here are artisanal almost, and the stick is convenient and goes on clear. Get into the subtle almond vanilla scent.


Scully’s Deodorant 

While I find a tub application abhorrent, a spray is far superior, and Scully’s is worth testing out. I like that it’s refillable, tiny, and super clean. Plus, it won’t stain your white tees. Get some here.



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