Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness Six Fix

1. Beyonce dropped a new single to support Hurricane Relief, and you need to listen RIGHT. NOW.

2. In this week’s edition of unnecessarily bizarre food combinations: fireball bagels. So you can get wasted & nurse your hangover with carbs all at once, I guess?
3. Wavy brows were *so* 2 weeks ago. Now, the wave trend is moving over to eyelashes and it actually..isn’t that horrible?
4. Sephora has a new app called “Swatch Me“, which allows you to test out beauty products before you buy them. So now you can find your perfect Fenty beauty shade without even having to leave your couch.
5. ICYMI, Kim Kardashian officially confirmed her pregnancy last week by posting a KUWTK trailer to her IG. Oh, and her sisters Khloe and Kylie are also allegedly pregnant. What a time to be alive. Tune in tonight to watch all the drama unfold.
6. And lastly (but also most importantly), it’s the first day of October, which also happens to be National Homemade Cookie Day! Treat yourself with one of these recipes that are perfect for fall.

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