Colorescience Summer Skin Protection

We still have another month of summer, so make sure your skin is protected! One of the Colorescience’s most popular products is the Sunforgettable Brush On Sunscreen, which was named one of InStyle’s 2016 Beauty Buys. This is a great alternative to regular sunscreens that often leave your skin sticky and with a white tinge. The brush on sunscreen is SPF 50, which is great for a powder sunscreen.  For me, I’ll use this sunscreen as a travel-only product. I have really dry skin, so covering my face in powder is not something I typically like to do. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this product did not leave my skin looking cakey or powdery, which I was expecting it to do.
This sunscreen provides light weight coverage, which is good for a no makeup/beach day, but I personally enjoy a little bit more coverage for an average day. I didn’t like how this looked when I tried layering it over foundation — you have to really swirl the brush around your face to get product to come out, so I just felt like the brush was picking up the foundation on my face when I tried applying the powder over it. Above is my skin with just the powder, no foundation underneath it, and it actually did dull down a lot of redness. It has a nice blurring effect.
The application process of this is also a little bit messy. They suggest you activate the powder by swirling the brush around on the back of your hand, which kind of sends powder flying everywhere. I was wearing a black shirt when I applied it, and I noticed afterwards that there were little flecks of powder on it. The powder looks way too dark on my hand here, but if you swirl it around your face and buff it into your skin, it looks much nicer.
I think I’ve found a use of this product that will work for me. It’s great to throw in your bag while traveling and to apply over a moisturizer for a summer, no-makeup day. I love that it doesn’t leave my face sticky also! (This comes in fair, medium, tan, and deep shades which is a great shade range.)
A product that I actually like more than the brush on sunscreen is the Whipped Mineral Sunscreen Daily UV Protector. I absolutely love the lightweight formula of this, and it has more coverage than the brush on product. I found this to be a great base product to set my makeup, and foundation layered well over this, but it also looks great on its own.
One downside to this sunscreen is that it’s only SPF 30, which is personally not enough for my translucent Irish skin. So this might not be a beach day sunscreen for me, but it’s definitely a great option to give my everyday makeup look a little bit more sun protection. It also only seems to be available in one shade, and I think this shade would be much too light for deeper skin tones. (Deeper skin tones: stick to their foundations or pressed powder, which offer SPF protection and more shades!)
—Devon Kelliher

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