Motivate Monday, Because It’s Almost August!

It’s almost August, and the summer is blowing by at a scary rate. But we still have a solid month or two to enjoy of it, so let’s make the most of it!
If you’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, try this breathing technique that is said to help lower stress levels and help you get a good night’s sleep without taking any medication.
It’s especially difficult to resist a sweet treat when the weather is nice and all you want is a little ice cream to cool you down. Instead, check out these tropical chia popsicles that are super easy to make and help you battle bloating!
For those weeks where you just can’t deal with grocery shopping but don’t want to fall into the habit of ordering delivery every night, there are TONS of amazing subscription services to choose from. If you’ve been thinking about getting one, check out this list that has a variety of options you can explore to see what best fits your needs and budget!

Hope everyone has an amazing week & a great start to a new month!
—Devon Kelliher

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