Motivate Monday, Because We Need Some Sunshine

I know last week I said that warm weather was about to distract us all, but I seemed to have greatly overestimated May’s ability to be warm. This cool, rainy weather needs to end and we need to go back to those days when it was randomly 75 degrees in February. Anyyyyway, onto some Monday inspiration…
If you’ve been feeling stressed and a little on edge lately but aren’t sure why, there are countless things it could be. Check out this list of 10 unexpected stressors that might be damaging your health and try to make some healthy changes!
The pressure to have the “perfect body” (whatever the hell that means) can be a major point of tension and unhappiness for women. If it’s something you’re currently struggling with, please check out this woman’s Instagram post where she takes down these societal norms and explains how unrealistic/pointless the whole thing is. You really are already fabulous as is. <3
If you’re glued to your phone screen (aren’t we all…) and looking for a way to get better about it, check out this article about “digital minimalism.” It’s not a complete phone detox, but it’s all about spending some much-needed time “unplugged” and with yourself.
Have a productive and wonderful Monday, everyone!
—Devon Kelliher

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