Motivate Monday, Because Beach Weather Is Closer Than You Think

Happy Monday, lovelies! We are already more than halfway done with April, and time is flying, and it’s terrifying. But that also means that amazing spring/summer weather awaits us, so all is good.

If mornings are particularly difficult for you (@ me), check out these fun coffee subscription boxes. It’s the perfect way to actually look forward to mornings and to experience a bunch of brand new types of coffee! ☕
One of the biggest causes of stress in our daily lives is pretty obvious: money. And usually a lack thereof. Check out this success coach’s money habit that she claims has led to a boost in happiness and less stress. (Worth a shot, right?)
And lastly, here is a 2-week video fitness plan that fits into your schedule and makes it easier to keep your promise to work out and get fit.
— Devon Kelliher

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