Motivate Monday, Because Spring Has Officially Sprung

Remember when it was February and 65 degrees and we were all laughing and enjoying life? Well it turns out that was all a cruel joke, because today is officially the first day of spring, and the weather has been rude as hell lately. Here’s to hoping warmer days are close in our future.

Nothing screams spring like a little spring cleaning. To get you inspired, check out this list of 20 things you should deep clean this spring for a more organized and sane mind.
Wondering what are the latest healthy eating trends? Check out this list of food and drink trends that are expected to blow up in the coming months.
And lastly, celebrate the official start of spring 2k17 with these yummy (and healthy) smoothie recipes! 
Sending you warm, springy vibes for the rest of the week. 💞
— Devon Kelliher

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