Motivate Monday, Because This Friday Is St. Paddy’s Day 

Hope you all had nice and relaxing weekends! This week is a special one, because Friday is St. Paddy’s Day! A lot of people think St. Paddy’s Day is just another reason for Irish people to drink, but as my Irish dad so wisely says, the Irish never need a reason to drink. So here are some ways you can enjoy this week/St. Paddy’s Day without getting completely hammered.
Kick your week off to a good and healthy start by doing some meditation. It’ll get you in the right mindset to have the best week possible, and you’ll feel more calm and productive. Read here why meditation is the perfect solution to a work crisis or general stress.
Not gonna lie, I get a little tired of the fact that grocery stores feel the need to dye every single food green in honor of St. Paddy’s Day. There are just some foods that are not meant be green. HOWEVER, everyone loves a good green smoothie, and there’s no better time to enjoy one than this week, right? Check out this website for some inspiration for healthy (and most importantly, green) smoothie recipes!
And if you’re in the mood to celebrate this day more like a true Irishman or woman (i.e., by drinking), check out these festive cocktail recipes that you will want to make and enjoy ASAP. (Because come on, green smoothies are yummy and all, but that cannot be the only way you celebrate St. Paddy’s.)
So try to stay sane this week and remember the fact that St. Paddy’s falls on a Friday this year, so we all really have no excuse not to let loose a little bit. 🍻🍀
—Devon Kelliher

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