Motivate Monday, Because It’s Weirdly Nice Outside

I hope everyone has been enjoying this way-too-nice-for-February-it’s-kind-of-scary weather!
Everyone and their mothers are “meal-prepping” nowadays. It’s a great way to make sure you’re eating healthy all week long, save time in the mornings, and save a whole bunch of money. If you’re trying to get into the whole meal-prepping game, check out this article about the best kinds of meals to make, because they’ll actually last you a week without getting soggy and gross!
I’ve always wished that I could transform myself into one of those people who wakes up at 5 AM and heads to the gym before work. But, I am becoming more and more accepting of the fact that this is just not a thing that is ever going to happen. If you enjoy your sleep like me but still want to make time to work out, it turns out that there are a TON of benefits to working out at night! Read more about them here. (Morning workout people, this might even be enough to convert you.)
Do you want to take some time to unwind and relax but can’t ever seem to do so for some reason? Well, this study proves that reason might just be the little device in your hand or pocket right now. Consider taking a smartphone/social media break at some point this week. Start small with just an hour, and gradually try to go more time without using your phone. You might just be surprised at how much calmer you feel!
Now have a lovely week lovelies!! ūüíď
‚ÄĒDevon Kelliher

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