Motivate Monday, Because We Only Have Three More Days With Obama 

No matter how you feel about this whole Trump-being-our-president thing, here are some helpful tips to get you through this week and help you be the best version of yourself.
Eating out with your friends seems like a surefire way for you to break your healthy eating habits. Well, it turns out eating healthy while eating out doesn’t have to be that difficult! These 6 tips will help you eat healthy at any restaurant, so you don’t have to say no to plans OR break your healthy eating streak!
Feeling guilty that you can only fit in one or two workout sessions a week? Well, this new study explains why it’s beneficial and will ease your guilt.
Here’s another perfect resource for those of us who can’t workout as much as we would like to — check out these multitasking moves that work out all your muscles at once.
Have an amazing week, lovelies! <3
—Devon Kelliher

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