Motivate Monday Because It’s 2017! (Finally)

Happy New Year, everyone! The start of a new year is usually enough motivation on its own, but here’s a little extra to get your year started off right!
Losing weight/getting in shape seems to be just about everyone’s New Year resolution. Here are 17 concrete ways that you can change your body in 2017 and help you get stronger, leaner, and more toned! Try and work these tips into your weekly workout routines & you’ll stay on track with your resolution!
January and February are usually not very forgiving months, weather-wise. Brace your skin for cold winter weather with these new, natural beauty products.
2017 is the perfect time to add meditation to your list of New Year goals. Here’s a 20-minute guide to get you started.
Now it’s time to have a kick-ass, amazing, beautiful 2017. <3
—Devon Kelliher

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