Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness Six Fix

giphy-11. Still drowning in all your Thanksgiving leftovers? Turn them into savory cupcakes with this recipe!

2. Was your Thanksgiving full of dreaded political conversations with distant relatives? Witness the most politically correct thanksgiving pageant to ever exist, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel.
3. ICYMI, President Obama awarded Ellen Degeneres the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and her reaction will make you cry happy tears.
4. Kanye West showed up to his concert in Sacramento an hour late, then played 3 songs, ranted about a bunch of stuff, and walked off the stage. Watch Snoop Dogg’s hilarious reaction to his rant.
5. Everyone and their mother is partaking in the latest viral sensation — the mannequin challenge. This dog puts everyone else’s attempt to shame. (Aside from maybe Blac Chyna, who did it while giving birth. You the real MVP.)
6. And lastly, tomorrow is CYBER MONDAY! Here are the best 25 Cyber Monday beauty deals, so you can buy all those makeup products you definitely don’t need but still really want. (And that reason’s good enough, right?)
—Devon Kelliher

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