2016 Holiday GIFt Guide: Kelsey Peters Of ‘Younger’

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Sparkle, Neely, sparkle: This is the 2016 R18 Holiday Gift Guide. For more gift ideas, click here.
Kelsey Peters is Liza’s best friend and guide to all things Empirical/Millennial. She nails it in the fashion department, is constantly providing hairspiration (she was doing the half bun before everyone else) and is the ultimate girl-power BFF.
Here’s what to get the Kelsey in your life:
Sephora Holy Sheet Mask Set: Kelsey no doubt loves a good face mask. Whether she’s pampering herself, or recovering from one-too-many tequila shots, she knows the importance of skincare. I mean look at her: she’s always flawless.

Sugar Lip Entourage: Kelsey (A.K.A. Hilary Duff) has the most perfect lips. Injections or natural (okay, they’re obviously injections) she needs to show them off. Enter this Fresh set: complete with a lip balm, lip polish, two tinted lip treatments and a lip serum.


Silk Pillowcase: Our girl is glam AF so obviously she sleeps on a silk pillow case. Silk pillowcases help protect and hydrate skin, reduce split ends, and help maintain a blowout.
TOCCA Meet The Girls: Kelsey likes/ needs options. This perfume set from TOCCA means she’ll have 10 fragrances to pick from every morning, so she never feels boxed in.
Stay tuned for more gift guide installments.
—Julia Casella

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