Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness Six Fix

giphy-91. We could all use a laugh right about now, so enjoy these memes of Joe Biden planning epic pranks for Trump.

2. This video of kids reacting to the news of a Trump presidency will resonate waaay too much with you.
3. Last week was not an *entire* defeat to women everywhere. These 4 congresswomen are making historyafter the 2016 election, and it will make you feel a little bit more hopeful.
4. OK, no more election stuff. Sorry, but I can’t. Here’s a video of an orangutan laughing her ass off at a magic trick that will warm your heart.
5. And just look at this video of a rescue dog who gets the haircut of a lifetime. (Warning: 9/10 chance you’ll tear up.)
6. And here are literally just a bunch more animal videos that will help take your mind off the state of our country. For a few minutes at least.

—Devon Kelliher

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