Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness Six Fix

giphy-61. Chances are, you’re going to be surrounded by a ton of leftover Halloween candy this week. Get original with this recipe for Halloween candy bars.

2. Halloween not your kinda holiday? Rejoice in these #CrappyHalloween stories and be thankful they didn’t happen to you.
3. These are the most popular Snapchat filters people are recreating with makeup for their Halloween look — looking at all you last-minute people who still don’t know what the eff to be.
4. REJOICE. Urban Decay is relaunching their Naked Nail Polish line with fan-favorite shades from their original Naked palette. Check out the 6 gorgeous shades here — you’ll want to be wearing them all winter long.
5. Okay, if this doesn’t snap you out of your Sunday sadness, then literally nothing can. There is a That’s So Raven spinoff coming to Disney channel, and Raven herself will be starring in it. #blessed
6. Lastly, people are confused AF about the optical illusion these legs are causing — could this be this year’s “the dress?!”
—Devon Kelliher

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