Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness Six Fix: Labor Day Edition

giphy1. Wine lovers, this one is for you. This accessory lets you turn your wine bottle into a tap, because, you know, wine not? (I’m sorry for the pun.)
giphy (2)
2. Ever feel like switching up your hair color but aren’t bold enough to fully dye your whole head? Luckily,“hidden rainbow” hair is a thing now, and it’s giving us all hair goals.
3. Literally just a video of a man recreating famous logos using a calligraphy pen. Someone explain why this is so satisfying to watch?
4. Oh yeah, how did I forget to mention that it’s a LONG WEEKEND?! Thank you Labor Day! Check out these tips for throwing the best ever Labor Day Bash.
5. Along the same lines, here are some refreshing cocktails that you should try before summer ends — because it *IS* still summer, everyone. (I’m starting to realize a lot of these are alcohol-related, but that’s what a 3-day weekend does to you I guess…)
6. Lastly, here are 5 free add-ons that everyone who uses Chrome must check out. They’ll save you some $$ and make you more productive!
Okay now go enjoy a drink because tomorrow is Labor Day, and it’s time to celebrate. (PSA: I’m really sorry if you don’t have the day off and have to work tomorrow, because then this post probably did not snap you out of sadness at all. But go have a drink anyways because you deserve it.)
—Devon Kelliher

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