Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness Six Fix

unnamed (2)1. You can’t possibly be sad when you remember that there is a new All Matte Naked Palette from Urban Decay. All. Matte.
2. Chrissy Teigen reminds us that YES, IT’S OKAY TO HAVE LINES by showing off her stretchmarks on social media and stealing all of our hearts.
3. New Yorkers, listen up. We are approaching the final weeks of summer, which means you should be hitting all of these rooftop bars while you can still go outside without wearing 3 layers.
4. President Obama apparently has a nighttime sex playlist, and that is a combination of words I never thought I’d use together.
5. This girl’s makeup tutorial is way too relatable.
6. These frozen breakfast parfait pops are the perfect on-the-go meal for all those times your alarm “doesn’t go off.”
—Devon Kelliher
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