Review: MAC Cosmetics Instacurl Lash Mascara

mascara2 (1)I’m not sure why I don’t just say MAC when when people ask me my favorite mascara brand. Of all of their mascara launches I can’t think of one that I didn’t think you should buy. Instacurl Lash is no different. From the get go, the sleek black tube and crazy claw-like wand is eye-catching.

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The brush is pretty straightforward when you look at it with a soft curve and rubberized bristles.  But hold up: you when you twist the “claw” along a subtle seam, the brush’s curve deepens. Say what?! You’re able to customize the curve of the brush to the shape of your eye. Once my mind was blown I applied my first coat.  My lashes we fanned out and had a noticeable curl. There was a lot of playtime and I was easily able to create good spiky clusters of lashes. With the second coat my lashes doubled in thickness and it was still easy to work the product through for the perfect tapered tips.

The formula is pretty deep and rich, so my lashes still looked dark and defined at midday so I didn’t even go in for a touch-up. I did need a little eye makeup remover to get off all traces at the end of the night but totally worth it. 1000% buy MAC Instacurl Mascara ($23) and prepare for your most unique mazzie experience in a while!
—Ashleigh Ciucci

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