Why Be The Girl Who Loves To Eat + More: Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness 6 Fix

200 (5)1. Here‘s simply why being the girl who loves to eat makes you so dateable. Brunch anyone?

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2. Rest in Peace to the legend Muhammad Ali. And thank you Buzzfeed, for this compilation of Ali’s greatest and most memorable fights.
3. From a happy hour finder to a foreign language menu reader, these are the travel apps you’ve been needing on those vacays that are giving you a little stress.
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4. Our bodies need to be taken care of… use this chart from Greatist to see what certain symptoms mean and make sure you don’t ignore them!
5. Are you a West Coast Best Coast type girl or an East Coast lover? Find out how to live your bicoastal life beautifully with these tips from Rachel Zoe.
6. Umm, this cottage is only 362 square feet and it is literal #housegoals.
—Rachel Fulton

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