Coppertone’s 2016 Offerings

Say hello to Summer 2k16… to the beach, sand between your toes, the endless happy hours, the vacations – and for you athletes and fitness lovers out there, the outdoor workouts, the sports games, and devotedly, the endless sweat seshes under the beaming summer sun. If the doctors, time, and your beauty knowledge have taught you anything, it’s that the most important item in your summer bag haul is not that tanning oil dying to fry your skin, but it’s the sunscreen ready to protect you from those damaging UVA and UVB rays. Here to make your sunscreen choice as stress-free as possible, Coppertone’s new offerings feature the reformulated SPORT Sunscreen ($9.99 for Continuous Spray & Lotion, $2.49 for Mini-Spray), the SPORT AfterSun Moisturizer ($6.99), the CLEARLYSheer Sunscreen ($9.99 for Body Lotion & Spray, $8.99 for Face Lotion, $3.99 for Mini Spray) and the CLEARLYSheer AfterSun Moisturizer ($6.99).


The improved SPORT line proves to work harder in extreme outdoor conditions, as well as helps refuel the skin with antioxidants and hydration.

Suitable for the less active, more relaxed, outdoor lovers out there, the CLEARLYSheer line is for everyday wear. The lightness of the sunscreen as well as the coconutty-shea butter scent make the application and sporting of the lotion a modest task.

As both an athlete and a girl who loves her simple summer outdoor brunches on the weekends, I recommend both lines. If you don’t want to look like you’re 13-going-on-30, prevent wrinkles and protect that beautiful, youthful skin of yours with one of Coppertone’s new must-haves.

—Rachel Fulton
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